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Something Strange Is Happening To Celebrities (2017)

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♨ Something Strange is happening to Celebrities. Jim Carrey gives a very odd interview, Katy Perry has a meltdown – 2017 update – Credits to E! News.

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38 thoughts on “Something Strange Is Happening To Celebrities (2017)

  1. Its not weird at all actually,Jim is & has always been "all over the shop" emotionally,professionally & most privately.He is holding up pretty good for the toll of life affecting events his encoutered over the many years of his professional career,or have you forgotten already.Give him some understanding for how his dealt & come out of those turmoils & the appreciation for coming out swinging where sooo many others have fallen from grace if not overdose,and or suicide or just death they had when not actually trying to die over far less medial mental issues.Jim is "cooking with gas" my friend just leave him be to cook up a storm.And try to give the "over analysis" of min 2 min,hour 2 hour,day 2 day life….thats all it is…LIFE!

  2. They're all illuminati and Freemason puppets. Jim Carrey is aparr of this sick, Satanic world of lies and deception. Praying for Jim Carrey, maybe he wants out, or he's continuing this "craziness" to distract the masses from what's really going on… Hollywood is slowly being exposed for what it truly is.

  3. As we wake up to the truth.. so do these celebrities. Everyone is waking up to a certain degree. We may be in denial, or resist what we find as truth… but everyone on the planet is starting to question many things. This is part of ' the event '.. the unveiling, the lifting of the veil. Jim Carey has been awake for sometime now. The elites are terrified of the masses waking up.. of us knowing the truth. We are waking from our slumber and this terrifies them.

  4. Crime? I don't know that there's a legal duty to report it! said, J. Comey.
    Lynch violated protocol – that was a Hillary Clinton matter – saying It wasn't a hill worth dying on. J. Comey.
    I had no choice but to defend myself, reply to Pres. Trump tweet. J. Comey
    Leaked President Trump Tweet that hadn't been tweeted yet to the NYT
    I worried about it would like feeding seagulls at the beach, response to leaking leak to newspaper NYT. J. Comey
    Maybe one day he will be. In response to not saying President Trump wasn't under investigation. J. Comey
    Whether the conversation I had with the President was an effort to obstruct I took it as a very disturbing thing. J. Comey
    J. COMEY you have to CENTER STAGE, you've got Illusions of Grandeur and you are a POLITICAL OPERATIVE but last and NOT LEAST, YOU are a Hubris.

  5. Jim had an awakening. This place is an illusion, like he said. A hi-jacked holographic game we are playing. We are avatars – our "higher self" is playing us down here on the game plane. Seek and ye shall find.
    Then it's real. He
    tries to quote us out of our bed. or out of mods Zambia. Before it's
    too late.

  6. He's just being real for the most part , a lot has he been through in recent days as well Katy Perry and all that surrounds her as of lately (1-3 yrs) seems illuminati – ish!!!


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