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Sorry ISIS, You Lost The Title Of ‘Enemy Of The American People’

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Even the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization can’t displace the mainstream media as President Trump’s most despised group.

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29 thoughts on “Sorry ISIS, You Lost The Title Of ‘Enemy Of The American People’

  1. Colbert is SUCH A WEASEL Asshole. He's jealous of Trump and that's why he's obessed with him. He is the President of American People, IDIOT. They elected him. You are liberal SCUM Nerb Old Man.

  2. BREAKING NEWS: Today ISIS announced its admiration for Trump's ferocity and dedication to destroying America and burning it to its very foundation. In a show of faith to the President, ISIS offered to take over operations of the NSA to help him accomplish the goal of bringing all of America to its knees. Trump is reported to be seriously considering the offer after his relationship with Putin and the Russian Government, who had been slated for the positions in the NSA, had a falling out last month. This is Tsukino, M.I.K.E. News.

  3. Im from Uruguay and that fucking Tower has been under construction foreveeeeer, and everyone hates it, it's an eyesore… I don't see it being finished anytime soon

  4. Donald trump is being mocked by the same biased mainstream media that got the election polls wrong —— the same media wants you to now believe that trump is wrong about the media being biased …… the media wants you to not fact check them and just listen to everything they say reguardles of wether there biased or not and if you attack them for reporting on fake news or biased news you are labeled a fascist and a dictator trying to silence free speech listen that is really scary when the media labels anyone that disagrees with them a dictator — then the media isn't the media it's a state run propaganda network and that's what CNN MSNBC FOX and the other news networks have become Donald trump is right the media " mainstream media " is fake news it's biased they deny it over and over but it's true look at all the clips they show of how for example CNN cuts people off there show when they have opposing view points lying about trump taking a painting off the wall in the capitol all of these things are examples and points that the mainstream media is fake and is toxic to Americans manipulating there thought 💭process and making them think the way the media wants them to think or government via liberalism —- to be quite honest Donald trump is completely honest when it comes to attacking the media they have been so biased towards him during the election and now even after it all you see on TV is negative things about Donald trump most of the things that they cover are not really that big of a deal but they spin the news and make everyone afraid —– all this crap is funny —– the media needs to be honest and credible and non biased period until then myself and millions of other Americans won't even watch there networks period my advice is to get you're news from unbiased credible sources there are tons out there at least those networks don't try to brainwash you — or you don't have to see political moderators scream and shout at each other for hours fuck the fake biased news — ohhhhh no you can never say that you're a dictator omg the free speech is vanishing — backwash liberal b.s

  5. March 8, 2017…I'm Eb theDoc. My Facebook account has been disabled since Saturday. It's never been a political platform, but was a point of contact I enjoyed visiting to see friends' and friend's friends' (no control over the latter!) posts on what's happening. At first I thought it was due to an insensitive post on Colbert's Cate Blanchett interview (made when I was overtired, since deleted and apologized for @facebook). No reaction from Ms. Bickert or Mr. Osofsky to date. Didn't expect one from forthright Cate (Luvya)!So I must assume it was due to a post shortly before, on the arrest for deportation of the illegal immigrant Avelica-Gomez in front of his 13-year old daughter (can't remember which page: Meyers/Colbert/Noah/Oliver?) in which I'd used wording that felt 'right' for the portion of the public that supports Trump, but laid me open for libel, because DJT has not been convicted of the many things he's publicly bragged about doing. The post, since revised for legality, can be found in the comments on The Young Turks' report on the arrest. Problem is, if that's the case, we have an Administration that's prepared to silence critics by fiat (as Steve Miller's horrifying interviews show) in contravention of First Amendment Rights. Worse yet: they are using executive powers unconstitutionally to suborn corporations that should serve as the proud foundation of our freedoms. America, when will you wake up? My parents managed to survive the rise of the Nazi Reich, the war, and bring us out of the shambles of WW II to a good life in the US. Are we going to let a few bigots who've crept into the White House and built an inept Administration founded on 'BigMoney=BigProfits for everyone (HarHar!)' violate our standards and integrity? Eb Somersworth, NH

  6. So many anti-Trump retards here. Just wow. Seems like you enjoy sucking on the tit on liberal propaganda. That's why trump called the media the enemy of the America people. They twist facts and misinform their viewers. Wikileaks proved this show has ties to the Democratic party and John Podesta was assigning selective content to brainwash you and form your opinions for you. One day you will wake up and realize big government is the problem always has been. Real patriots can agree and disagree with different views from both parties. Don't be blinded by party views or the propaganda big business forces on you through the media.

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