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Spill The Tea Bitch | Nicki vs Remy, Rick Ross & Lady Gaga

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SPILL THE TEA BITCH PLAYLIST LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7T8bl_DUIiw_PJ3jd2expg3XQZJ0VRJV

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20 thoughts on “Spill The Tea Bitch | Nicki vs Remy, Rick Ross & Lady Gaga

  1. @2:50 Keesh, have you heard the latest? No?

    Please see that 'PT top 5' video…one of his latest ones…trying to recall its title…think it's the one where he wrote… damn, I cant recall now–but PT did it yesterday/ uploaded it…so see the date. But in it, he says that #Nicki and her team are allegedly trying to get #Remy sent back to prison.
    Did you know that while someone is on parole they can't 'make threats'?? Apparently, that's a no-no.

    But it's music…can't it go under the banner of "entertainment"?? Hopefully, Rem's lawyers are on IT!

  2. another one was a taunt record the point was like when Drake dropped 2 meek. she's the winner because Nikki hasn't even dropped one. saying another isn't good is like saying she should never do any songs again. Remy is from the Bronx she's gonna keep coming at Nikki because she already tried it with Remy.

  3. So Foxy Brown released a diss on Remy Ma smh I figured Nicki got in her ear like please do a diss to Remy idk if Remy should make a diss towards her but if she does than I'll be here for it

  4. I'm mad Remy ma took that make love verse as a diss. that shit was soooo horrible. yes nicki doesn't need to reply. but they're saying now that her response would be jeopardized some of her endorsements but I think she just doesn't have nothing to say as a comeback. she's doing right by sticking to her coins bc if we take that make love verse into consideration she's not it at the moment

  5. Remy could've have really seriously kept 2ND diss to herself that was trash and as for the Disney channel kiss I wish they wouldn't have any kissing on Disney channel at all. Shit, leave the babies, babies!

  6. Another one was trash shether was crazy good and this coming from a person who likes Nicki… remy!!!! you was supposed to put Nicki in the grave not yourself too damn bitch. 🙄🙄

  7. Gurl in a rap battle this is what you do. Remy does this all day. So in Another One she playing with Nicki. Giving her a chance to respond again. In battle rap letting a person think you aint got ammo or that you finished is classic

  8. i hve to disagree love! Another One was fire too!! Nicki dissed Shether, called it a wack ass 1995 beat and all so clearly Remy had to come back with her own beat and slay that ass again 😂😂😂..she did that! Nicki needs to go sit her ass in the corner lol

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