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Stars You May Not Know We Lost In 2017

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It’s hard saying goodbye to stars who have provided so much joy to us throughout our lives. And it’s always a shock to find out that one of your favorite celebrities has unexpectedly passed away. But paying tribute to these beloved entertainers is a way to keep their memory alive. In that spirit, here’s a look at some stars you may not know we lost in 2017…

Clay Adler | 0:19
Charlie Murphy | 0:48
Erin Moran | 1:31
Michael Parks | 2:04
Robert Michael Morris | 2:31
Powers Boothe | 2:58
Nelsan Ellis | 3:24
John Heard | 3:57
Blake Heron | 4:18
Robert Hardy | 4:45

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42 thoughts on “Stars You May Not Know We Lost In 2017

  1. I'll say it again, many of these celebrities pass away and are fairly old when they pass away. Death is very sad, but when you are young, it's even sadder. A handful of the people who are this list are in their thirties.

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