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Stephen Reacts To Trump Calling Him ‘A No-Talent Guy’

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President Trump finally got around to addressing one of the biggest threats to America: Stephen Colbert.

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46 thoughts on “Stephen Reacts To Trump Calling Him ‘A No-Talent Guy’

  1. how can a president care so much about rating and others' comment on him, instead of doing the real important stuffs.
    I don't think Trump is unfit to be a president, I think he is unfit to be a normal adult.

  2. Colbert is a no talent hack! The only people who watch him are the pseudo-intellectual, imbecilic mental pygmies that actually believe he's funny, relevant or that he understands politics. Between this butthurt snowflake, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and the STD rotted skanks on The View, it's no wonder the intelligence level is as low as it is.

    Ever wonder why the asshats never have on guests that hold the opposing ideals? or at least more than one? It's because they're too fucking stoopid to walk, talk, breathe and chew gum at the same time and they're too chicken shit, knowing they'd be exposed as the idiots they are.

  3. doesn't take much talent to regurgitate the jokes a dozen or more people write for the show, if i wanna laugh at jokes other people wrote i'd watch more amy schumer specials

  4. I used to be a regular watcher. The show stopped being entertaining. The gags were lamer than SNL skits. Then he became a one sided "political satirist" and the show stopped being funny. He lost all sense of decorum and decency and became an attack dog to get ratings.I my opinion he is no different than Bill O'Reilly from the other side.

  5. Colbert's shtick was mediocre at best, and it's only gone downhill since his monologues became nothing but vitriolic anti-Trump pity-parties. Now his career is on life support, and his audience reactions are just painful to watch. It's time to pull the plug on this washed-up hack and get someone who can make a joke without alienating or insulting half the population.

  6. Colbert is not funny. Not defending trump but Colbert sucks. Fallon is way funnier. Colbert makes himself look like a pompous asshole

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