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Steve Harvey Makes Fun Of Flint Water Crisis On His Radio Show.

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YouTuber Request: These are my thoughts concerning Steve Harvey mocking a caller on his radio show referencing the Flint Michigan Water Crisis. Enjoy!


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24 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Makes Fun Of Flint Water Crisis On His Radio Show.

  1. Steve Harvey is a fucking White Klan member in Sheep's clothing. Bitch ass, you cant say shit to him, because his Boujee ass gonna run to his money and his claim to fame for back up and belittle everybody that's tries to come after him to make him apologize. He act like he's better than everybody else and can do and say whatever he wants because he thinks he's a comedian. Fat head motherfucka aint shit without his money. That nigga already got 2 strikes against him and he dont even know it. He's black, Strike one.
    He's a nigga with money, thats Strike 2

    Keep up the good work going for strike 3 Steve cause while you and your little buddy donald trump sucking each other's dicks, your boy trump given the opportunity will run your ass clean over with a bus and wont nobody come to save your junky ass. Remember that!

  2. I am appalled by what he tried to pass of for "comedy"… What an asshole!!!! These people have a bad enough situation as it is… Once Hollywood turns its back on his black coon ass, I'd like to see where the hell he's gonna run to…!!

  3. hello Miss Frazier I agree with you Steve Harvey is not so funny he's the most arrogant narcissistic Bama in the history of the world he acts like Donald Trump because all the money he has he thinks he's special but he has a face of a jackass and a brain of an a ASSHOLE ! and just think Steve Harvey married his side piece his son-in-law Ben cheated on his wife divorce her to get to Kali you tell about Dysfunctional Family. and the same man who wrote Think Like a Man act like a lady ? the way he treated Mary Harvey he should stick his head in the sand Steve Harvey is just like an jackass he's stubborn and he would never do anything for other people but for himself his day will come where in Steve Harvey will be long gone and never to be hear again ? GLADHATER 63 😈

  4. There is a reason why European Americans elites want an ignorant guy on
    television, who always pokes his lips out and with a horrible way of
    pronounce words. He's the new Uncle Remus/ Stepin Fetchit.

  5. I don't know or heard of this chick Kimberly Frazier. But her sexy ass voice cussing Steve Harvey bitch ass out has made a new subscriber. Whew Lawd she gave him the business end of the truth. You on facebook by chance?

  6. "When you turn away from me I will put you in a reprobate mind". God. And scripture refers to ppl who have come to think they are above God and don't need him. When God puts you in a reprobate mind, you act a fool and everybody knows it except you. That's Steve Harvey. He has done so much dirt to his ex-wives and under cut his friends to get where he is. It's time to lay up in a. Oh way for l you have cheated, demeaned, and insulted.

  7. BOYCOTT STEVE HARVEY! I call for s firing of his demeaning unfunny azz. How you joke about a crisis that damages to the children's brains are irreparable.

  8. His Head Has no Daym Brain, he must really think he's untouchable!!! People are coming for you Steve. Let's see What secrets you got hiding. You've lost your Dang mind!! Are you still Black????

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