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  1. dont you feel ashamed?? making this kind of stupid video, giving some bad review about a famous product, which you didn't even tried it out?? shame on you 🤣 because it's totally worth the price 👌🏻

  2. I've watched some of your other videos and I agree with those but I don't necessarily agree with this one. I believe that all hair vitamins work, some work faster than others. There's tons of beneficial vitamins that are beneficial to the hair in sugarbearhair. Some people are actually vitamin deficient and don't know it. so that also plays a role. And what works for everyone else may not work for other people. I'm not taking those specific vitamins, I'm on hairfinity, curls liquid hair vitamin, and some biotin pills and I've seen tremendous growth in my hair. Even with just hairfinity before i started taking the other two. But I've also been catering to my hair and making sure i'm taking care of it. Some people think that they can take hair vitamins and still treat their hair very badly and it'll grow and that isn't always the case. just my opinion 🙂

  3. Obviously if they're overpriced then don't buy them and don't hate on people for buying them… it's their own decisions not yours. And if you haven't tried them keep your trap shut!!!! Your so annoying

  4. I actually experienced great results with sugar bear hair vitamins. i used to take biotin supplements and only saw results in my nails. When i switched to the sugar bears, my hair thickened up, and started growing very quickly. and they really do taste good! I'm happy i tried them. i feel like the $30 price was worth it for healthy hair.

  5. I've tried a few vitamins(viviscal, biotin, and prenatals) after having my 2nd child and nothing stopped the shedding. i also tried shampoos, rogaine, etc, and they still didnt help.these actually are the only thing that kept my hair from shedding so much. I tried it for a month. after the 2kd week my hair stopped falling in clumps so i and then bought the 6 months bc it worked for me. And I don't always eat a well balanced diet so this is a great alternative. so I think you should try it before you review it. idk, it's worth the money to me.

  6. For what the vitamins are, they're not bad. They supplement diet for those that find it hard to eat a diet full of what those vitamins contain. With Hair it's not just the vitamins that will do it; you have to drink water (not just a couple of glasses, but like a few liters a day) and you also have to watch what products you use.
    These vitamins will absolutely help your hair grow stronger but that will not do any good if you're using hair products that use sulfate, parabens or bleaches… It won't do you good if you are washing all the good oils out of your hair (if you're washing your hair on the daily) and it won't do you good if you're frying your hair with heat.
    It is expensive though and for that I was hesitant to buy it. I finally have a job where that kind of cash is around to "waste" so I bought it. I just received them in the mail today, so I'm excited to see how much more they will work for my hair than the regular biotin I am used to taking (I'm used to taking 10000 mcg of it a day with my normal Women's multi-vitamin.)
    Vitamins are very interesting to me, and I plan on doing my senior research project on something like this next year (I am a Bio-Chem Major, but only a Junior right now. I plan on studying Bio-Chemical Research in Grad School though.)
    I hope it works well! I do not wash my hair unless something gets in it, and right now I'm using Calily Products 🙂 All organic, sulfate and Paraben free 😀


    i ate mine today and it taste like STRAIGHT UP ASS just imagine you dropped a berry candy on the floor and after a week of it collecting dust and hair you pick it up, spray perfume on it and eat it. That's what is tasted like to me.

  8. So if you don't have an actual person you know that has used this product and YOU yourself haven't tried the product…. do you REALLY have solid evidence? It's also one of the few Cruelty Free vitamins out there and i personally do not care to spend a little more to 'save an animal'… Some of the cheaper hair growth vitamins tend to cause other side effects like breaking out, allergic reactions, etc… so it's really the more money you spend the better the product (just like how everything is anywhere). I watched this video thinking it was have a valid opinion on the negative effects, considering i take these vitamins, and you have proved absolutely nothing 😂

  9. ive seen lots of positive reviews about this and at the end of the day manufacturing and distribution is costly, and its gluten free, soy free and vegetarian im in england and paid £24.99 for them, i brought vitamins for hair,skin and nails that were cheaper from holland and barret but it smelt like someone trapped a fart in a bottle and tasted just as bad, i ate 2 and havent had any since that was a waste of money so if this berry flavoured gummy bear tastes good then why not pay more, if your gonna use it and get your moneys worth

  10. my experience with sugar bear hair has been good. they work for me for the time I have been talking them. not promoting or anything just stating my experience

  11. It's called expensive urine. If you eat normal foods you get all of these vitamins (unless you're on an altered diet like vegan). Eating more of B complexes, vitamin C (anything other than vitamins A D E K) will just come out in your urine because they are water soluble. So no, these "hair vitamins" aren't special. They are a multivitamin that is overpriced. I would like to see the amounts of each as well, because it could be negligible.

  12. You also have to take in to count if your hair is in its growing cycle. There is no pills that can trick your body to make that stage stay longer or come sooner. ANAGEN (GROWING) STAGE. The anagen stage is the growing period of a hair follicle. …
    CATAGEN (INTERMEDIATE) STAGE. The catagen stage is the intermediate period of hair growth. …
    TELOGEN (RESTING OR SHEDDING) STAGE. Mainly the vitamins help keep the hair more nourished but doesn't make it grow it just keeps the hair from falling out making it appear that your hair is more voluminous. -Cosmetologist

  13. I take these. I got 2 bottles on amazon for $36. They taste really good (not like that matters) and they work! But yeah if you eat healthy or find cheaper vitamins that work for you then you most likely don't need these

  14. Why do you care how someone spends there money and make a review on a video for a product you have never tried… okay . All I know is my nails are super strong and my hair grew in the first month in a half at a very noticeable length… if you have never tried the product don't comment below.

  15. I actually just saw this on fb and the comments make me sick.
    You know they tell you to take TWO gummies instead of one because if it's one over or one less "it won't work"

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