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T.O.H Vol 1| R. Kelly “Cult” ? | Usher Exposed | The “Juice is Loose” OJ paroled.

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Hiya Honeybees! A T.O.H (Tsp of Honey is back! This week the teapot boils over with the hottest celebrity gossip. I come in and sweeten each and every cup w/a tsp of my opinions thoughts and ideals.


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8 thoughts on “T.O.H Vol 1| R. Kelly “Cult” ? | Usher Exposed | The “Juice is Loose” OJ paroled.

  1. Yes indeed, girl. I support your new programming. Good job. ❤️

    The "pimp Spirit" is adequate for this man presently, but R Kelly named himself the Pied Piper. Why? We do know how the pied piper of the nursery rhyme lured children of the village (never to be found again) with his music.

    Condoms can reduce the risk, but not prevent herpes. The minute the guacamole reared its ugly head on Usher's D, it should have been over!! Run, not walk to the nearest emergency room. 🚨

    Good advice for the Juice. Lay low. I have always had my doubts about his case and the sudden "cancer" of Johnnie Cochran. IJS

  2. Girlllllll you been holding out. I loved this video.

    More women are coming out and Lisa Bloom is getting her claws in to them. You know she loves to take down a celebrity that's a black man. I too am hoping that these men and women who are out here having sex without protection take heed to what is going on with Usher. Usher's career was based on sexy….. His career is now OVA!!!

    R. Kelly The Pied Piper with the Pimp Spirit. Enuff said!!!

    I'm glad that the juice is loose. I hope that he lives the rest of his life quietly and humbly. I don't know if he did or not but I know that he was convicted in that crazy case is because he was acquitted in the murders.

    Great video Girl!!!

  3. Usher is just living wrecklessly,he's married and thinks that he can run around and sleep with other women without using protection,which is not all his fault.i blame the other women too.having sex with people knowing he have herpes is so wrong,i hope he learned that there are consequences for his actions.

  4. O J Simpson got arrested for stealing his own shit and he will never be able to live in peace again. white people are obsessed with him cuz they couldn't stand the fact that he was sleeping with all these white women and then on top of that he was acquitted for murdering two white people,point blank.

  5. ooohhhh,Ms Honey now why you had to mention that man's name this early in the morning.I ain even eat yet.The thought of him peeing on that lil girl makes me sick to my stomach.i don't quite understand what a pied piper is cuz i'm a lil younger but he is file for that type of behavior.

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