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Bachelor In Paradise’s DeMario Jackson Breaks Silence On Corinne Scandal

Thank you to Pandora Premium for sponsoring this episode. Listen Now at More Celebrity News ►► In his first-ever interview following the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, DeMario Jackson is recalling all the events about his night in Paradise with Corinne that changed everything. It may have been the ‘wildest night of

DeMario reveals Video will PROVE he didn’t do anything WRONG !!

Former Bachelor in Paradise contestant DeMario Jackson believes video of his hook-up with Corinne Olympios will clear him of any wrong doing after concerns about consent in one scene halted production on the reality series. The New York Post obtained text messages between DeMario and a friend, who contacted the

Let’s Talk About The Bachelor In Paradise Scandal | TMZ BUZZ

TMZ staffers Katie and Kim read and respond to viewer comments about the biggest stories this week. TMZ BUZZ -- informally known as Katie and Kim talk to everyone on social media show. Catch up on the hottest stories of the week every Friday at 5PM. #ad SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently

Bachelor In Paradise Production SUSPENDED Over ‘Misconduct’ On Set?!

More Celebrity News ►► Every year, die-hard Bachelor fans eagerly await the summer season where past contestants from the previous year’s Bachelor and Bachelorette reality show get whisked away to a tropical Mexican paradise in hopes of continuing their chances to find love in a hopeless place, but after this

The Bachelorette – Rachel! Ep. 3 | Thoughts | Gossip | Chit-Chat

SORRY ITS LATE.. BUT BETTER LATE THAN NEVER..Right? :( SEE YA LATER, DEMARIO! How funny was that Group Date at the Ellen Show? Does Anthony have a chance? Should Lee and Bryce get the boot as well? What are we thinking about this weeks episode?! Let me know down below! Also, let me