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7 Celebs Who’ve Survived Rehab & Addiction

More Celebrity News ►► Hollywood! It's a world filled with glamour, money, power... and addiction. Any place where there's an excess of fame, influence, and money is likely to be fertile ground for our basest desires, too much access to drugs and alcohol, and not enough people who will call

6 Celebs React To Their Awkward Moments

More Celebrity News ►► Even celebrities aren’t immune to awkward moments. The only difference is theirs are seen by millions of people and for the most part, they’ll never live it down. So here are 6 of celebs who reacted to their own awkward moments in the perfect way possible

11 Celebs With Abnormal Body Parts

More Celebrity News ►► Bodily oddities and obscurities might serve as a source of insecurity for some, but even the most eyebrow raising features can become an impressive trademark if you own it! Even the most loved stars and celebs were born with rather distinctive quirks, making them unmistakably unique,

Celebrity Gossip VLOG: Kelly Clarkson Clap Back, PLL, Kesha NEW SINGLE & MORE!

TeaSpillingGirl blog: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! Today's video is just a quick introduction of my blog and the channel! :-) I mentioned a few things from my more recent post such as Lady Gaga and Pretty Little Liars. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As mentioned in the video please comment or tweet me: What you would like to see

Kesha – Rainbow (Official Video)

Watch Kesha recording "Rainbow" live-to-tape at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. Get the new album 'Rainbow' featuring "Praying", "Hymn", "Learn To Let Go", and "Rainbow" now! Download on iTunes: Stream on Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon Music: Google Play: Follow Kesha: source

Kesha – Praying (Live Performance @ YouTube)

Get the new album 'Rainbow' featuring "Praying", "Hymn", "Learn To Let Go", and "Rainbow" now! Download on iTunes: Stream on Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon Music: Google Play: Follow Kesha: source

11 MORE Music Artists Who Hate Their Own Songs

More Celebrity News ►► We've all had that moment where we roll our eyes when a particular popular song comes on that we're so over so it's no surprise that some singers have the same reaction to their own hit song. Yep, your fave song may be hated by the

Kesha Confirms Aliens & UFO Inspired Her Album? (Rumor Patrol)

More Celebrity News ►► Kesha is back in music action – but do we have aliens to thank for our queen’s return? LOL, maybe I guess…but we’ve got the truth on Rumor Patrol! For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those

Top 10 Cringiest Celebrity Confessions

Top 10 Cringiest Celebrity Confessions // Subscribe: John Mayer, Lindsay Lohan, Rumer Willis, James Franco, Kesha, Martha Stewart, Megan Fox and Snooki have all confessed to some pretty cringe-y things they’ve done or still continue to do...some confessions include Snooki’s beauty routine with cat litter, when James Franco flirted

9 Celebs Who Helped Fans Get Engaged At Concerts

More Celebrity News ►► Getting engaged is one of the most monumental moments in a person’s life, and when a celeb offers to personally help a fan pop the question, it makes the once-in-a-lifetime occasion even MORE special. So today we’re breaking down 9 celebs who helped their biggest fans

9 Times Celebs Gave SURPRISE Subway Performances

More Celebrity News ►► Subways and public transportations are typically a mundane part of our daily routine that can only trigger a lazy yawn. However, from time to time, abrupt surprises take place and leave us beaming, like the times celebs give us a surprise performance, so right now, we’re

Judge THROWS OUT Kesha’s Case & Iggy Shares Support

Thank you to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for sponsoring this episode. #justdrive If you’re texting, you’re not driving. More Celebrity News ►► If you haven’t been keeping up with the case, Kesha has been tirelessly trying to get an emergency order to get herself out of the Sony