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11 Actors Who Had Their FIRST Kisses On Screen

More Celebrity News ►► First kisses can be uncomfortable, weird, sweet, but mostly awkward. Now imagine all that with an entire crew watching! Now imagine that with a ton of fans watching at home! Well that’s what these actors had to do when they had their very first kisses on

Millie bobby brown raps the perfect stranger things recap-Latest Celeb News

Millie bobby brown raps the perfect stranger things recap If you've been living your life and haven't watched Stranger Things season two yet, well, bravo, and... ✔ Thanks for watching my video! ✔ Don't forget to leave a like! ✔ Please subscribe to my channel!: ✔ FACEBOOK FANPAGE : source

Millie Bobby Brown Does SPOT-ON Kardashian Impression & They Respond

More Celebrity News ►► Millie Bobby Brown loves the Kardashians just as much as Eleven loves Eggos! Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and we somehow love her even more. If you haven’t already finished watching all of Stranger Things Season 2

Finn Wolfhard || Draw My Life

You might know him as Mike, or maybe Richie... but do you know him as Finn? ***** DRAW MY SCANDAL every Friday ***** DRAW MY LIFE every Saturday Subscribe to see new movie stars, pop stars, sports stars, geniuses and legends - living and dead - tell us their life stories every

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Millie Bobby Brown

More Celebrity News ►► It’s hard to believe Millie Bobby Brown is only 13 years old. The British actress — who you probably recognize as Eleven on the Netflix series Stranger Things — is wise beyond her years, and there’s no doubt she’s one of the coolest teens on the

Millie Bobby Brown BELTS Out Beyonce & Attempts Fidget Spinner Record

More Celebrity News ►► Millie Bobby Brown blew the world away over the weekend when she covered songs from some of the world’s biggest pop stars. Beyonce, Katy Perry, Jennifer Hudson, is there anyone Millie Bobby Brown CAN’T cover? The answer to that is probably not. On the very first day

‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown Compares Red Carpets | People

Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown compares the Golden Globes Red Carpet to the Emmys'. She also reveals who she's wearing for the Golden Globes. Subscribe to People ►► People and Entertainment Weekly, two of the world's leading entertainment brands bring you People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Watch everyday for free and get

Millie Bobby Brown Sings Like Adele & Confuses Starbucks Workers

More Celebrity News ►► Millie Bobby Brown just proved that she has an incredible voice while casually ordering from a Starbucks drive thru… On a trip to grab some coffee with her dad, Millie decided to sing out her order of a venti latte and caramel frappacino in the fashion of