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Episode 97 – 1/16/18

Tiffany Haddish scores the ultimate Super Bowl deal! 😂 Zayn only has eyes for Gigi Hadid 👀 & Google turns Dish Nation into works of art 🎨 source

G-Eazy Ends Partnership With H&M Over Ad

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Episode 93 – 1/10/18

Taraji P. Henson has strong words for Hollywood 🙌🏾 Meghan Markle has been silenced 😶 And the A-list singer who likes to spank! ✋🏾 source

Episode 91 – 1/8/18

We're bringing you all the inside scoop from the Golden Globes red carpet 🙌🏾 plus the Real Housewives of Atlanta tea everyone wants to know... if Porsha Williams & Rickey Smiley For Real are actually dating? 😳 source

Episode 90 – 1/5/18

It's Paris Hilton vs Cardi B 💍 Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie join forces 😳 & Powerball lottery tips from Mark Cuban 💰 source

Episode 86 – 1/1/18

Margot Robbie doesn't feel like the hottest blonde ever and Facebook facelifts are scary! Also, Dish Nation wishes you a happy 2018! source

Episode 85 – 12/29/17

Girls run the world on Forbes 2017 list of best paid actors and which music is literally killing it? Also, we discuss New Year's resolutions because it's almost 2018! source

Episode 80 – 12/22/17

We give a special birthday InstaDAMN dude to Ricky Martin and Matthew Broderick remembers his best Christmas gift! Also, Viola Davis makes sure her daughter feels like a natural princess. source

Episode 84 – 12/28/17

George Clooney reveals the moment he knew Amal was the one and credit reports get sexier! Also, happy birthday Denzel Washington! The star turns 63 today. source

Episode 82 – 12/26/17

Jennifer Aniston nails love on the head and we discuss the Oscar Love curse! Also, dolls take over in the bedroom. source

Episode 79 – 12/21/17

You won't believe which stars got their start on YouTube and Mila Kunis proves she's a ride or die friend. Also, Gabrielle Union has some tips on how to survive hosting a holiday party. source

Episode 77 – 12/19/17

Selena Gomez's mom is not here for Justin Bieber ✋🏾 Matt Damon needs to take several seats ⑁⑁ & Oprah's surprise graduation! 🎓 source

Episode 71 – 12/11/17

Da Brat claps back at Wendy Williams, Taraji P. Henson gives us the scoop on her White Hot Holidays Special 🎄 & Porsha Williams dishes on last night's 'RHOA' drama! 🙅🏽 source

Episode 70 – 12/8/17

Jennifer Lawrence reveals her desires 😳 Mama June is runway ready! 🙌🏾& Patti LaBelle is at a loss for words! 🙅🏾 source

April The Giraffe: Baby Calf Is Born | Radio News

April The Giraffe: Baby Calf Is Born - Radio News - --------------- Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam: Daily Updates at: Animal Adventure Park Zoo, Harpursville, New York Official April the Giraffe Apparel: Inspired to sponsor our Giraffes? We have a safe platform form gifting linked below: --------------- April the giraffe, whose lengthy pregnancy captivated thousands, finally gave birth to

Episode 33 – 10/18/17

The Kardashians are in a legal war with Chyna 💪🏾 Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez take it to the next level 🏡 And the Hollywood director taking a stand against Harvey Weinstein 💰 source