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Shay Mitchell CRINGES Watching Pretty Little Liars Audition Tape

Thank you to Xfinity Mobile for sponsoring this episode. Learn more about Xfinity Mobile – a new kind of network that combines America’s largest most reliable 4G LTE with the most WiFi hotspots. More Celebrity News ►► We’ve all been there. Your mom puts on the old home videos of

20 Celeb Reactions To Fan Tattoos

More Celebrity News ►► Fans around the world have countless ways to pay tribute to their favorite celebs. Many stars appreciate a good painting but some confessions of love are more permanent and super tattoos. So when a a celeb’s face becomes inked onto a stranger’s skin, you can

13 Celebs Who Were Bullied in School

More Celebrity News ►► While it’s easy to assume that most celebs have been popular and adored their entire lives, there are actually dozens who’ve admitted to being bullied in school. So today we’re breaking down 13 celebs who overcame being bullied in school to live successful and self-confident lives,