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11 thoughts on “TALKING CELEBRITY HATE at 1:30 a.m

  1. Celebrities are people and somehow I don't understand how people seem to lose that notion. It's crazy how we allow stalkers (Paparazzi) to legally stalk and harass celebs and their kids. Great job. I have missed your videos. You are doing a great job!

  2. Because that's their idol and to say something that they dislike would start something whether it's a friend, family member or whatever it may be, you look up to them as someone of dignity that has done something to get your attention that you love and to go against what normally not many people are against is when the " fans " dislike that person or you dislike your friend because of that. It doesn't if you're a celebrity or a friends or a chip bag, your opinion on something is there and you would dislike either or no matter what the case may be if it goes against your opinion of the fact of them not seeing the full story of having a better look into it which is what should be shared and told rather than to dislike a friend or celebrity because of it so it can go both ways which by I'm stating is, both of the people need to look into it and it but it doesn't change if you're a celebrity or not, or a friend, like I've stated at the beginning.

  3. I totally agree with you Keith, like we all make mistakes or say something that not many others may agree with and the true friends are the ones that'll stay by you know matter what you say or think, it shouldn't be different for celebrities because they are just like us, just with more money and more well-known lol

  4. exactly celebrities are people to just like us but millions of people know them i know if i did one thing wrong i would want everyone hating me 🙂

  5. PREACH! I mean, celebs get hated on ALL the time for the slightest thing – and most of the time it gets blown out of proportion so badly. If you really like that celebrity then just mellow out, keep fangirling, chill out. Maturity please! I totally agree with you, ha! xoxo

  6. I think we've all said something controversial. It's no reason to stop being friends, unless that person develops a pattern or intentionally hates on someone.

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