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Tamar Braxton Beef Chronicles (Part 4): Her Stalker

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Tamar Braxton has beef with her stalker or at least the person she claims stalks her. Tamar’s alleged stalker is Toni Braxton’s assistant “Zo” Williams. Watch as the beef between Tamar and Zo is chronicled in the fourth installment of the Tamar Braxton Beef Chronicles

In this video, the fourth installment of the beef chronicles series of Tamar Braxton, we chronicle the history behind how Tamar’s alleged stalker came to. Tamar Braxton, herself, insists that Toni Braxton’s assistant has been stalking her. His name is Zo Williams and he has been working under Toni Braxton has her personal assistant. How did these once close friends turn enemy?

Viewers first heard that Tamar claimed she had a stalker back in 2015, when Tamar said she had a stalker in the fourth season of Braxton Family Values during the episode “Queen of the Everglades” (Braxton Family Values: Season 4 Episode 9). During the episode, Tamar accused her stalker of providing false information to her sisters. She made the stalker comment both on screen and on Twitter while the episode was being aired.

To provide context, during the episode “Surprise Me Not” (Braxton Family Values: Season 4 Episode 17), Trina, Traci and Towanda Braxton all decided on surprising Tamar on stage during her Atlanta show for her Love and War Tour. Despite their good intentions, the surprise did not go as planned–it was a disaster. Traci, Towanda and Trina walked on stage in the middle of her performing “Hot Sugar” and acted as one of her backup dancers. Tamar didn’t find the surprise funny or cute.—she was mad about the whole ordeal and later backstage was heard ranting about her sisters. Toni’s assistant heard the rant backstage and told the sisters that Tamar called them bad names and cursed up a storm in her dressing room. When confronted with this news, Tamar denied it and accused Zo of lying and stalking her.

Zo took to his Twitter to defend himself against the tweets aimed at him by Tamar Braxton after the episode aired. Tamar Braxton, never one to bite her tongue, unleashed her venom towards the person she claims has been responsible for giving blogs and “the press” gossip and information about her family. Despite these claims, Zo still remains close to the family and doesn’t look like the relationship with be severed anytime soon.

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