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Taylor Swift REVEALS New App – Jake Paul SUED Over Prank – (DHR)

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Taylor Swift announces her new app! Kim Kardashian says selfies are over, and Jake Paul gets sued over a prank. All that and more on today’s rundown!

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49 thoughts on “Taylor Swift REVEALS New App – Jake Paul SUED Over Prank – (DHR)

  1. Going to start by saying not a Jake Paul fan. Just wanted to say that Actually that horn is legal to have and it isn't illegal to use like that. If the mad did have his hearing damaged that is horrible. But he obviously new it Jake Paul and as we all know no one likes him. So since he us an older man (whose hearing could already be bad we don't know)why not say that he was the one that caused it just so he could sue him and cause more drama for him.

  2. Schools can't have recess thanks to the smoke I can't go to recess because of the fires there are no fires in my area thanks to me but my friends got evacuated at 3:00 AM this morning I am in SF my friends are in Sonoma

  3. I feel like when taylor is app drops a bunch of fake fans and desperate people are gonna download it to get her attention and it will be the point were Taylor can't find her real die hard swfities, their is gonna be so many people!!

  4. Yeah, Jake Paul is an idiot… but he's only 20. Everyone makes mistakes! He still has a lot to learn. His viewers are mostly kids and that's why he's does a lot of his stupid pranks. What he did was dumb and I feel very bad for the old guy who lost his hearing, but it's not like Jake wanted to ruin his hearing. Give him a break.

  5. hey you wouldnt highlight your own gone wrong pranks or mistakes then why Jake Paul? He is 20 for god's frikkin sake!!! He is still learning… everyone is. I mean come on, as if u haven't done something wrong in you life!?

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