Tereasa Martin Goes OFF About Kenneka Jenkins “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes” | TMX - Celebrity News
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Tereasa Martin Goes OFF About Kenneka Jenkins “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes” | TMX

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21 thoughts on “Tereasa Martin Goes OFF About Kenneka Jenkins “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes” | TMX

  1. Yall Tripping but she deserve money plus more they need to give her money and new house out of state and more yall act like she shouldn't accept nothing she aint putting a price on it but I will take everything and still bring yall. Yalll dum bashing her

  2. Tereasa is bugged tf out lol she litty in this video😂😂😂 omg God bless her, I just can't feel her right now with her music in the background but tryna preach the word of God….smh

  3. I see a lot of people saying "she looking good, she must got some money"… "She drunk"!… First off Ms. T looked good and dressed good before her daughter passed away. And if any of u nosey mfs went thru her page and saw pics of her with her children I'm sure u should know that. She already had money she do work! Just like most of y'all that works and like to look good. Is she suppose to look like a bum on New Years? I'm sure all of u look end good last night too.. IT'S NEW YEARS EVE!!! DUHHHH!!! Secondly.. "She drunk" Wasn't u mfs drunk too last night? I know I was. I got my party on. We all did we're only human.. Her life don't stop because her daughter died and it went viral. She don't have to please nor impress none of u mfs u hear me!!! It's sad y'all to busy pointing out dumb shit instead of understanding the message she's sending when it comes to the black community. We're our own enemy and I see now we'll never change. We scream justice when it's police brutality and BLM but we're quick to put down, hate and disrespect our own… Fuck BLM! Why? Because Black Lives Don't Matter to us. She lost her daughter she hurting… Let this woman live!!! What y'all fail to realize is that it couldn't been any one of us in that freezer and our love ones would be in her shoes right now. The sad part about all of this that I'm saying is the fact it still won't get thru to u people u still gone judge, u still gone feel the way u feel. So Imma leave this with a prayer for y'all that God have mercy on your souls and u and your loved ones NEVER have to go thru what this woman is going thru… I'm not gone say Happy New Year to everybody because this year not gone be so Happy with the way y'all treat your own kind I see… And on that note ✌🏾

  4. Happy New Year my beautiful sister. Thanks for your faith strengthening and encouraging words. I pray that Jehovah continue too bless you with the strength He's providing you and continue too shower you and your family with His everlasting love. LOVE YOU😘

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