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The Disappointing Side of Julianne Hough

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By now, you probably know that Julianne Hough used to be on Dancing With the Stars and once dated Ryan Seacrest. But we’ve got the real dirt on this triple-threat diva!

Playing the field | 0:10
Half-hearted | 0:41
Wardrobe misstep | 1:13
Harsh critic | 1:32
Film flop | 2:51
Accidental outing | 3:16
All for the likes | 3:46
Party girl | 4:09

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34 thoughts on “The Disappointing Side of Julianne Hough

  1. I remember seeing on social media how her costume offended people. But the other stuff sounds ridiculous she seems like such a kind hearted person. I refuse to believe anything else that was said in this video. People can what they want but doesn't make it true.

  2. i thought it would be mentioned that she once hinted that Mark Ballas parents allowed her to be sexually abused. while her and Derek lived in their home. Thus embarrassing them and Mark

  3. Why did people slam her for her Halloween costume ? I see a lot of famous people dress up as many characters on Halloween and nobody slams them? Or is this some type of double standard thing 😒

  4. I find this very unfair to Julianne. Why not make a video about all the good stuff she's doing! She's an amazing dancer, singer, actress and overall good person! I can't believe people would actually make videos and try and bring people down! It's not like everyone hasn't made mistakes and I personally think these types of videos are cruel, unnecessary and just outright mean!

  5. This is so stupid. Close sources? It's media sites just trying to make something out of nothing. The media will do anything to tarnish someone's name. I don't know her personally and I know watching a video of her in a interview doesn't mean I know her but she seems like a lovely person. Even when she's offended People she said sorry. The blacking faces was not a good thing at all in any way and I don't know how no one didn't say anything or realise it was wrong. But it's not like she intended to offended people. Lastly her movies are amazing and she has her own dance tour. you can't say the woman doesn't have talent she acts, sings and dancing. In my opinion I think she's has better talent and a better personally then most celebs these days. But that's all my opinion.

  6. I never knew her but then saw footloose, the other movie with all the musical singing and grease life and i really enjoyed her performances i think shes really a likeable person and seems to care a lot about her career and more.

  7. So she's basically just really aloof, in her own world and unaware of other peoples' thoughts, feelings, and opinions, and completely oblivious to cultural sensitivity. Like seriously… blackface? How could she not have known that would be a terrible idea?

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