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The Disturbing Untold Truth Of Erin Andrews

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Sideline reporter Erin Andrews has been in front of the camera in one form or another for over 15 years. She grew up watching Boston Celtics games in Florida with her dad before she became a Gator at the University of Florida, studying telecommunications.

These days, she’s the go-to reporter for Fox NFL, recently commanding the sidelines of Super Bowl 51. But the 38-year-old has received flack from both sides of the aisle. Men make lewd comments at her off camera during telecasts and women think she only got her job because she’s tall, blonde, and beautiful. But there’s more to her than meets the eye. While Andrews’ career is marked by hard work, it’s also littered with bizarre scandals, some serious dancing, and a whole lot of salty people. This is the full picture of Erin Andrews…

Early inspirations | 0:49
The peeping trial | 1:44
The aftermath | 2:51
Sexism in sports | 3:43
Reebok controversy | 4:20
Snakes on a plane | 4:53
Cancer | 5:52

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48 thoughts on “The Disturbing Untold Truth Of Erin Andrews

  1. Andrews is great in every way…there are many people who envy this talented ,gorgeous woman and cannot let her live her life peacefully because of their excessive envy.

  2. Erin Andrews is ….I don't know why she's popular… honestly…I don't get it…. she does nothing special… she's just a face…. wish she would disappear honestly…. she adds nothing to sports… I'd rather have a former athlete do that job.

  3. She looks beautiful very beautiful when she cohost of dancing with the stars and she seems like she has good perception of interviewing techniques when she interviews athletes so I feel she does try to get out there and perform to get ahead ask for her getting the money from scandal that some lawyers and everyone says to lawyers a new gets the money take the money and run good luck in the future because in the work she does in with the people that criticize people in the media news and entertainment you need it

  4. They said she is tall, blonde and beautiful…..Maybe tall and blonde but far from beautiful, they be sicing these purdue chicken lookin white girls up!

  5. Who are they kidding? The video absolutley helped her. $55 million free cash and a boost to her career. Her looks absolutely helped her career by the way. She wouldn't have her career if she looked like Rosie O'Donnell and many people don't like these women working on the football field, and especially the locker room, but sex sells.

  6. Why can't people leave her alone? There is no reason whatsoever for the hatred she has received. The men and women who hate her are the same dumb people who make excuses for the violent acts committed by overpaid "stars". She has been violated and suffered a cancer scare with grace. No one in their mind would want someone to secretly film them, have a boss masturbate near them or suffer a deadly disease.

  7. She may be an okay sports reporter but she is HORRIBLE as a host on DWTS. I had to stop watching because she's so ANNOYING!! Brooke Burke was so much better!!

  8. it's really upsetting how a woman can work incredibly hard and do well for herself but people assume they only got their success because of their looks or who their parents are. erin has been through a lot and yet you never see her without a smile, even though she still receives mountains of online hate and disgusting comments.

  9. I don't see her being anymore special then her female counterparts to be honest so IMO she's overrated. And if this chick cries one more time discussing that peeping Tom incident I'm gonna smack her silly, she sold it well, got her money so STFU already!??

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