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The Late Show’s Presidential Leak-Crets, Vol. 2

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The Late Show’s anonymous White House leaker gives Stephen the latest gossip on Trump’s Russian ties, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, and more.

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46 thoughts on “The Late Show’s Presidential Leak-Crets, Vol. 2

  1. The tragicomic part about this is that, if implemented, all these Trump policies are going to disproportionately harm the poor and stupid.
    So, the republican voter base.

    He's killing off his own voters.
    So I say let him. Let's play the waiting game.

  2. Notice how after the source tells a joke that is continued by him talking afterwards, when the audience laughs, its lower and deeper, but then when it switches back to Stephen the voices immediately regain their normal pitch. Funny

  3. By Trump's logic of "Obama is behind it because his people are behind it", we should be Impeaching Trump right now for directly colluding with the Russian ambassador through his people (Flynn, Manafort and now Sessions).

  4. Verbally bashing America's president is treason and Stephen Colbert is plainly guilty ; he needs to be arrested and then sentenced to prison for a mandatory term of ten years .

  5. Some other leaks possibly came out of that hotel room.
    Obama tried to spy on him and wont admit it? That right there is proof of the desperate "Obama likes me, but he wont admit it" thing.

  6. Get ready folks. Apparently Trump is "hearing things" again, which means we're in for another round of revelations. And now,
    This just in…The voices in Trump's head are getting jealous of all the external competition and are launching an investigation into the ongoing intelligence leaks, and as we all know when it comes to Trump's head, intelligence leaking in is just…wrong !

  7. What's the "thing" with the "pen"… Are these "Trump's made in China"? Is he promoting his "Nouveau Riche" brand cheaply??? Wouldn't br surprised… Would like to know more… Can you dig?

  8. This orange old man is so damn moronic, idiotic and imbecilic it's just beyond ridiculous and beyond embarrassing now. Smfh
    Good god! Obama??? Really?? Jesus!😒🙄
    IF Obama was the one doing anything, then the orange old man deserves it. What's the matter, don't you like getting a taste of your own medicine? You seem to have enjoyed making Obama's life miserable when he was going through it, but suddenly you don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot??
    And ALL of this weak ass bullshit he's making up, is ALL to distract from his taxes and from Russia. That's all this is. Yet another manipulative move to control America.
    If Obama hasn't done anything, then the orange, obese old man is clearly easily manipulated into believing anything and everything he's told with Obama's name attached to it. No proof of anything, just mention ANY fucking thing to him with Obama's name attached to it & he'll believe it. UNLESS it's something positive. Smfh
    Good lawd, Bannon's job really is easier than even he thought! These people are liars and they are cowards.
    Every. Single. One of them😒

  9. Michale Obama used to work at the Chicago hospital… her job to turn away poor black people who showed up there desperate for help she got the job because she was a black women how treacherous is this I no this I'm a white guy sat here across the Atlantic if you don't believe me check it out do your own research guys just because some ones black or a women or gay doesn't mean that there harts true I'm English I'm white I hate no one I don't believe what I say because of hate but because of truth! GBUSA GOD-BLESS-UNITED-STATES-OF-AMERICA! Took me ages to do that fancy last bit you better appreciate it!

  10. They have a gerbil and it's got a Russian mate! Stop hating on the Russians! They lost 50 million of their people after English and American banks financed Hitler' they are also ten years ahead of American technology stop pissing them off they don't want to take over have you seen how big Russia is they don't need no more space! And seriously Putin is breaking his back to be respectful to you so please I'm from UK and if you guys have thermal nuclear war I'm toast! And I'm just starting to enjoy life please don't nuke the planet out of paranoia!

  11. Its funny cos in the right panel I have "up Next"
    Mo Amer attacking Trump
    Colbert attacking Trump
    Trevor Noah attacking Trump
    Bill Maher attacking Trump
    Seth Meyers attacking Trump
    Jon Stewart attacking Trump

    The unbiased Corporate Media's Progressive Zionists shills on full show

    what – no The View?

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