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The Sad Life Of Corey Feldman

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Corey Feldman was an ’80s icon, but these days, he’s more of an enigma. Despite launching his acting career with timeless favorites like Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys, in recent years Feldman has been getting nothing but bad press. What went wrong? Here are a few reasons why the actor’s life has been a series of struggles…

A disturbing childhood | 0:22
Rocky relationships | 1:09
He struggled with addiction | 2:10
A Hollywood scandal | 2:53
A tragic loss | 3:38
He aired Hollywood’s dirty laundry | 4:21
Bad blood with Judy Haim | 4:52
The internet mocked his music | 5:32

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41 thoughts on “The Sad Life Of Corey Feldman

  1. wish him the best of luck him and corey haim was 2 of my fav actors growing up i liked many of their movies esp the ones they starred in together like the Lost Boys was my all time fav and also liked The Burbs with fieldman and tom hanks

  2. Nicki Swift works for them!!!! A lot of people who still use their own brains knows he make more sense than THEM. Nicki Swift protects those who will lie to the public and makes victims like Corey look bad or even crazy. If the world were right, someone would show the people of this channel how it feels to be brodcasted in a negative light. There's probably a thing or two that they wouldn't want released. Nicki Swift 👈🕴👹

  3. oh THANK U for uploading! i'm from germany and he isnt really popular over here. but i found out about him by accident when i saw some of his super cringey michael-jacksonesque performences.

  4. I am very confused with Corey Feldman he spoke out against Pedophilia in Hollywood but won't name names. He goes to MJ funeral wearing all his MJ clothing but doesn't go to Corey Haim's funeral. He says he protects his son but bring 3 women (his angels) over because he wants to be the new Hugh Hefner the list goes on.

  5. if you want a good laugh, look up Corey Feldman Electric Circus, he was on this Canadian dance show that would have performances and it is still one of the funniest most pathetic performances i've seen. omg he was trying so hard but..yeah

  6. FYI there is a documentary on youtube about hollywood pedophilia with child actors in it, admitting it's the norm. Sad to watch, but I recommend it. I used to look up to Hollywood as a magical type of glamorous and bedazzling lifestyle and now it disgusts me. It's pedophilia paradise. We need to stop looking up to that world. Us buying tickets to the show, pays for them to hold the brass rings to the false box of dreams. It's a deadly price for adults and kids.

  7. He was not wrong about the child abuse. There is actually a lot of news reports (even recently) documentation being leaked regarding Oakwood where both Coreys use to live, and participate in the Child actor program. So messed up, I hope he is able to rebuild his life and live in peace after all that he has been through.

  8. Corey Feldman is awesome for standing up. Of course the media will play him out to be a quack to remove credability (my phone apparently does not know how to spell credibility and neither do I) from what he said about being molested. Go Corey!

  9. He was used by the very people who should have loved and honored him.From his parents, to his wives to his agents ,how he made it and stayed sane is a miracle this is textbook abuse by abusers in hollywood is aperently full of these pretators very said .I am agassed, that this guy did not have more than one ligetamit friend other than Corey Feldman to relate too. Micheal Jackson was not a abuser he was abused like a mirror image of Corey Felman the same fashion .Hollywood needs to do some housecleaning❗🗑🗑🗑

  10. those kids are given to the wolves, where they have been molested and abused. the majority of those kids do use drugs and commit suicide . Corey is fighting for his sanity and place in this world. My question is, why aren't those kids being believed? secrets and cover ups.God Sees Everything under the sun.

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