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The Scrapping Of Internet Privacy: Something We Can All Hate Together

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Stephen doesn’t recall any Americans marching in support of abolishing internet privacy. But if they did… victory!

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30 thoughts on “The Scrapping Of Internet Privacy: Something We Can All Hate Together

  1. The real reason behind the internet privacy act is so the new Gestapo can gather information on people they consider enemy's of the state. This is also why the ATT home page did away with the comments section. Because there were too many negative comments being made. Tons of crowd control equipment are quietly being built to deal with protest.
    One by one the fourth Reich is chipping away at our freedoms.

  2. SOS cntrl alt dlt F5 mother fuckin back space have you ever tried to track someone's phone? for a dollar bruh you can get a week trial to GPS track ANYONE see their calls texts everything bruh everything. imagine what's gonna happen when this shit goes through. anyone can buy anything you've done for how long? like the past ten years

  3. If it took so little time for Trump to forget how complicated health care is, his memory is WORSE than a goldfish's (the "goldfish have a memory of 3 seconds" thing is a myth; scientists now believe it to be somewhere around 5 months).

  4. Idiots! Google and facebook already does this! This bill just allows AT&T and Verizon to do the same thing. Your savior Obama picked winners and losers and allowed Facebook and Google to sell information while Verizon and AT&T could not. This just evens the playing field. Stop listening to the tonight shows for your news! Give Trump a chance!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

  5. Trump CAN'T keep up with the lies he's told, so he wings it EVERY TIME. He told Obama to not get involved with Lybia, tells the press that "we" should do something about it, And Now tells the populous that it's Obama's fault. this game against people he has played FOR YEARS!!! so, now for Four Years (though bankrupt) he'll more than likely BE someone buying internet histories To Blackmail people. When the truth doesn't matter to him, and doing actual work doesn't matter to him, we still KNOW his bottom line matters to him. Indignant Con Artists are never going to be the ones that I recognize as Commander In Chief, so Trump is limited to being the "blip" on the TV screen when he comes on, when I turn it OFF – dear Trump ..l..,

  6. I like the idea of a Kickstarter that raises enough dough to buy the private data and internet habits of Republican Congresscretins. Question is, can we do it before they pass emergency legislation exempting themselves – as usual – from the "rules for the rubes"?

  7. Can someone explain if I'm crazy or not? What I see coming from this is more advertising that is relevant to what I search for. I see online companies competing for my money. This is much better than Obama's NSA surveying internet search history because we aren't forced to pay for it. ISPs will sell our history so that companies that sell products that we want can reach us more easily.

  8. This is the time to get people to unite against this crap. But then you go about criticize something else then you just divide us again. Some people don't see the bigger picture and everytime you go off topic they'll go off topic and then the government gets to do what they want because we're to busy fighting each other. You need to stop with the back and forth criticism and focus on one thing if you want people to do something about it. Or the government is going to get to do what they want for another 8 years. And by then all our rights will be gone by then.

  9. I kind of think this FEDs way into finding out who supports what.
    I mean we all know we are given ads of places we have visited or purchased from at least I am. This is being done on Facebook. I bought some software a while back and am still seeing ads for it all over and not just FB.

    If I were to tell someone my widget broke down yesterday you can bet I'm going to see lots of ads for new widgets and widget repairmen!
    No there is more to this story or perhaps a way to get people riled up and not looking at other things that are more important going on in government. And believe me this bunch is doing their dirty work behind your backs while you are ticked off about something so small.

  10. So many countries have universal healthcare and their people are fine, and healthy. Why the fuck isn't America dumping the stupid insurance agencies and getting on with it?! we are living in the past with being overweight, healthcare, public transportation. America!! Get up off your asses and let's go to the white house!

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