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The Ugly Truth About The Bachelor In Paradise Scandal

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Millions of fans of the Bachelor franchise were shocked by news that Warner Brothers had halted production on the fourth season of popular spinoff Bachelor in Paradise amid “allegations of misconduct.” The production company’s statement, which also revealed an investigation was ongoing, was alarmingly vague, leaving viewers to try and piece together what actually happened to shut down the hit ABC show. Here’s what we know so far…

A hook-up gone too far | 0:22
Assault? | 1:31
No authorities | 2:31
Cast lockdown | 2:52
No bad blood? | 3:56

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28 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth About The Bachelor In Paradise Scandal

  1. They were both drunk. He didn't even know either. The charges she's filing are against the producers of the show for not intervening and just having her sleep it off when it could have been potentially dangerous. They still talk and hold no ill will. Stupid fuckin people

  2. From the sounds of it she took the lead on the whole thing. She sat in his lap and started the kissing and then she wanted to move on to the pool. He was drunk to the point of not being able to fulfill her wants so I'd say they were both in the same boat and no one was taking advantage. Although the producers should have intervened early on if they felt it was wrong or troublesome to the show in anyway.

  3. No ones saying anything about those manipulative bitches, the producers, they are fucking ruthless. Who set the whole thing up in the first place? It wouldn't surprise me if this girl, who is clearly a fame whore and an idiot was told to put it on him. They supplied the drinks and if the cameras were recording somebody's always watching.

  4. I think this is a gray area. I don't think she's traumatised by this incident which is why she didn't file the complaint but he should have known better than to try to have sex with a woman who's blacked out. I think this blew up much larger than either of them wanted it to.

  5. Gets black-out drunk, engages in sexual activity= I am a VICTIM!! Fuck that shit. She's an adult, and that producer needs to be fired. He was just as drunk, why was no one looking out for HIS interest too? Damn, feminism has screwed this society up so bad.

  6. so the black guy gets the blame? have you not watch the episode where the girl is on? The girl is sexually aggressive. Why do you always paint girls as sweet and innocent? this girl isn't.

  7. your a adult no one to blame but yourself. If you get flat out drunk no one's going to "babysit" you your a grown adult and its very immature to point fingers. It was your decision to drink that much now you have to suffer the consequences like everyone else. Just because you have "money and fame" doesn't make you any different everyone has consequences for their actions you just have to be a big girl and own up to it and stop pointing fingers and move on.

  8. Look at what she pulled on the bachelor with Nick Viall, sneaking off to meet him, buying him clothes, stripping down, getting on top of him, putting whip cream on her boobs and having him lick it off, and countless other things just to try and get ahead of the other girls. I'm just sayin she didn't pull any punches to get what she wanted and she isn't winning any purity prizes either. There is so much alcohol flow on these shows, i was just waiting for something like this to happen. It was just a matter of time.

  9. what i find very telling is that the producer that filed a complaint was not only not there at the scene, but also a close friend of corrine. demario immediately told his version and asked for tapes to be released, and she has been the sexual aggressor before. now she's lawyering up and trying to get a payout. sorry i don't believe her..

  10. Okay they are talking fine and she wasn't even the person who reported the assault? The fuck is this, there isn't even any hard evidence just people's words

  11. According to everything I've been reading, this is the closest to what actually happened there:
    Of course, until the tapes are released, we can't know for sure. I don't believe there are any victims here, except maybe DeMario who's being destroyed in the court of public opinion without charges pressed against him. I think Corinne regretted what happened with DeMario and decided to get her friend Shelby Adams' help to turn things around and make her be the "victim." But as I said, we can't know for sure until video proof appears.

  12. I not at all supposed that this happened with Corinne. If you watched her on the bachelor, you know what I mean. She is a spoiled, entitled, slutty child who still has a nanny by the way. She seeks the spot light in way in anyway possible no matter who she may hurt along the way.

  13. Wow almost everyone in this comments section sounds heartless and lacks empathy. What a sad world we live in now… What if you were the woman in this situation and read these comments? You guys are just mean

  14. I wish there was some mention of how he looked after the sexual encounter. From what's been reported it sounds like they got really drunk, no malicious intent involved. But who knows. I do hope this gets producers to intervene when things seem like they are going too far going forward.

  15. Why is it when both people are drunk the woman is automatically the victim and the man is a monster? The producers should have stopped the interaction especially when both were not in their right minds. But no let it happen and complain the next day…classy

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