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Top 10 Awesome Gadgets from CES 2018 – Gear UP^

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Top 10 Awesome Gadgets from CES 2018 – Gear UP^
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The annual Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, is held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. And every year, the year’s most interesting gadgets are unveiled there. Whether it’s something like the world’s first modular 146-inch TV by Samsung (called “The Wall”), the LG InstaView ThinQ fridge or Sony’s robot dog Aibo, there were many innovative products at CES 2018. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to count down the ten coolest gadgets at CES 2018.

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#1: “The Wall”
#2: Lenovo’s Mirage Solo VR Headset
#3: ASUS NovaGo
#4: JBL LINK View
#5: Toyota’s e-Palette Concept
#6: OrCam MyEye 2.0
#7: Sony’s Aibo
#8: ForwardX CX-1 Smart Suitcase
#9: LG InstaView ThinQ Fridge
#10: Play Impossible Gameball

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Awesome Gadgets from CES 2018 – Gear UP^

  1. I actually think the smart suitcase would be good for someone with a mobility aid (walkers, canes, crutches, etc), as they can focus their energy on staying upright and not falling because of pulling a bag/suitcase.
    It'll probably be banned, but it's still a good idea.

  2. Everytime we automate things like Ridehare, which has already negatively shaken up the taxi market, we eliminate the job markets we have previously fought to make viable as a proper part of the economy. Factory manufacturing jobs largely exited the US in the 70's and have left a hole that has not been refilled, more holes cannot be tolerated.

  3. Mindy: All our voice actors are out at that party and we need to put out a video in a few hours….
    Charles: Well don't look at me I don't get paid enough for this
    Mindy: Well we need someone!
    Fred the intern: Hi guys I got you your mocha and frappuccino's but they spilled on my way here
    *Mindy and Charles simultaneously look at Fred the intern.
    Freed the intern: I'm such a failure
    – this is my conclusion of how this video has such a boring voice

  4. I really liked the self-contained VR headset idea. I just hope the micro SD card slot can accomodate cards of up to 256 GB or better. I'm a data hoarder, and would like to be able to choose from a vast library of games and apps for VR. Now, to work on portable AR headsets. That's where the future's at.

  5. CES was mostly a dud this year. No real Innovations lots of repeat old tech. Maybe the one bright spot being Nvidia gaming TV.

    Other then that the whole driverless car thing is a gimmick. Not to mention full of security issues no one seems to want to talk to about.

    Tv's were the biggest disappointment really. OLED is a wasted technology until they fix the burn-in problem.

    As far as 8K TVs go is a waste. I mean seriously what's the point? 4K is hardly even implemented yet. Vive saying it has better resolution now.

    Seems that they're just announcing this so they don't look like they're sitting on their asses. Which they basically are at this point. You guys didn't miss much! :/

  6. Only a few items on this list look really useful, many will be outdated really fast. for example, the smart refrigerator, for one the whole recipe on the fridge door thing is not very practical, a tablet that can be placed anywhere is better. and the ability to see inside your fridge wont tell you how much milk is inside that carton of milk. I envision a fridge with RFID and bar scanner tech, sensors in the shelving, would detect the amount of each product. now we have something useful, not only could your appliance tell you, your low on a certain item, it could actually make a shopping list for you, knowing from past purchases how much you consume , the brand, and even do online research automatically for best deals on alternate brands.

    That is just one example. things like community e-cars transportation is being worked on by almost every auto industry in the world, so nothing really new here. the time of "Johnny Cab" is just right around the corner.

    Robotic pets, not new, and will continue to improve each year. cool novelty though.

  7. Don't get a robot dog there probably stupid. A real dog shows u more love and care then an stupid robot dog, I mean u have to train them but it's worth it, and you can an actually PLAY with the dog. For people who wanna buy a frickin robot dog…….. SHAME ON YOU

  8. When that Smart suitcase goes through the x-ray scanner it's going to look well dodgy to security. You know, wires, circuit boards, what could that possibly look like? Maybe they could shield it with some bags of powder……..

  9. I feel bad for Mark Saltzman (the narrator). He has a passion for tech, but not a voice for presenting. Most people didn’t like his presentations on Cineplex, and unfortunately he struggles on this channel as well. Watch Mojo – please consider someone else 🙁

  10. #6 is just another version of iwear bullshit.We didn't want it then and we don't want it now.Trying to be slick saying it's for the near blind,lies.It's not good enough we have cameras on every corner or every where else.

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