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Top 10 Best JRPG Heroes

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Get ready for impractical weapons & even more impractical hair! These are best heroes to come out of your Final Fantasies, your Skies of Arcadia, your…uh…Xenoblades? Japanese Role Playing Games are home to many a great Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 JRPG Heroes.

00:38 #10. Ness
01:15 #9. Yuri Lowell
02:05 #8. Crono
03:01 #7. Vyse
03:51 #6. Yu Narukami
04:45 #5. Sora
05:38 #4. Shulk
06:33 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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39 thoughts on “Top 10 Best JRPG Heroes

  1. I really like Isaac from Golden Sun, the entirety of the first game he's determined to stop the lighting of the Elemental Lighthouses for the greater good when soon you discover that the land of Weyard will face destruction if they're not lit. Also in Lost Age he became even more likeable and we can see the effect of his adventures ob the world, he has badass earth powers and it's a shame he hasn't been in Smash yet

  2. Cloud's journey of personal transformation — from a badass loner mercenary to a responsible leader to a babbling mental wreck, to the deconstruction of his entire self-fabricated persona, and eventually, to acceptance that it's not too bad just to be a regular guy who says things like "Let's mosey" — is genuinely sympathetic.

    Clouds subconscious was one of the most detailed growths in the series because it makes you realize why he is the way he is, the real Cloud talking to imposter Cloud. His nagging memory poking holes in his constructed self.

  3. Ok. The list had some great entries, but… Cloud? Really? We have had much more interesting FF heroes and you chose cloud, the character with a personality of a wet carrot. I mean, if it HAD to be a FF/ character you could had chosen Cid or Zack which both manage to be a million times more interesting.

  4. No surprises Cloud is number one!, don't get me wrong I'm no blind FFVII hater it's a great (yet laughable broken) game! and its still making a big impact to this day (with the remake some people have started forgetting about already lol) however there are other FF protagonists who've had much deeper character and development than Cloud a good example of this; is his predecessor Zack.

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