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Top 10 BEST Video Game Franchise Comebacks!

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Everyone loves a good comeback story. Especially when it involves a sweet video game! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Franchise Comebacks!

#10. “Fire Emblem Awakening” (2013)
#9. “Metroid Prime” (2002)
#8. “XCOM Enemy Unknown” (2012)
#7. “Wolfenstein The New Order” (2014)
#6. “Deus Ex Human Revolution” (2011)
#5. “Tomb Raider” (2013)
#4. “Resident Evil Biohazard” (2017)
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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30 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST Video Game Franchise Comebacks!

  1. So it seems this list is based on any comeback, right? I mean, I inferred from the title it would be from bad games to good games. Like RE, not only RE6 mas average but it is not like they stopped making RE games. On the other hand, Metroid was always good, they just stopped making Metroid games because the Metroid creator(not sure about his position) died in a car accident so Nintendo did not make Metroid games for a while for that reason.

    As a side comment, not sure if I would count Donkey Kong. The ones on the videos are totally different games/ideas.

  2. Can't call myself a big gamer but I'm very devoted to a few franchises – Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Dead Space, Uncharted, Alien/Xenomorph, Metro 2033, StarCraft, Virtua Fighter. I wanna see more interesting installments from them

  3. Dino Crisis & MediEvil & Silent Hill & Fatal Frame & Parasite Eve & ClockTower & Haunting Ground & Rule Of Rose & Siren & The Suffering & Dead Space & Twisted Metal & Crazy Taxi & Spyro The Dragon & Mega Man deserve a comeback

  4. I would have put Zelda Breath of the Wild on here for 2 reasons:

    1. Skyward Sword was a disaster on almost every level.
    2. BotW was a return to the original 1987 game's exploration based gameplay.

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