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Top 10 Celebrities with Troubled Kids

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Top 10 Celebrities with Troubled Kids
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Money can buy a lot of things, but not necessarily a smooth life for your children. From Jackie Chan to Tom Hanks and Laurence Fishburne, many celebrities have offspring who have led difficult lives, including addiction and criminal behaviour. WatchMojo is counting down most troubled celebrity children.

#10: Jackie Chan
#9: Michael Douglas
#8: James Brown
#7: Tom Hanks
#6: Hulk Hogan
#5: Laurence Fishburne
#4: Farrah Fawcett & Ryan O’Neal
#3, #2 & #1???

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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrities with Troubled Kids

  1. i thought Christian Brando's entry came out of the pages of the Godfather: killed his sister's boyfriend then spousal abuse? then he died the same way Don Vito did.

  2. Although I saw this video and thought sounds fun and started watching immediately, I soon began to wish I hadn't. Most of these kids never asked to be famous and yet can't get away from being hounded by the press. Please don't make any more videos like this one. They have the right to be left alone.

  3. I can't fucking believe you're putting Jackie Chan's kid on this list! Are you trying to tell us he's a bad kid because he had 3 ounces of weed?? Or is it because his potential sentence was sofa king ridiculous?

  4. Dunno the rest of brandos story but seems legit to beat the shit of the guy who abused your sis… he only took it to far. Don’t he think should be #1 in th list

  5. The real crime here is that in the process of being famous wealthy celebrities, these children have parents that don't make time to actually 'parent'. This is part of the reason why their children act the way they do. It's a shame really…

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