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Top 10 Celebrity Bromances

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Ah the celebrity bromance. The brotherly romance. Why do we love to see two famous dudes in mutual friendship so much? The answer to that is worth exploring, but reserved for another video. In THIS video, we’ll be looking at the close relationships of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, James France and Seth Rogen and many, many more!

00:39 #10. Jason Segel & Paul Rudd
01:37#9. Blake Shelton & Adam Levine
02:30#8. Tobey Maguire & Leonardo DiCaprio
03:26 #7. Woody Harrelson & Matthew McConaughey
04:19 #6. James Franco & Seth Rogen
05:13 #5. Barack Obama & Joe Biden
06:03 #4. Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon
07:12 #3, #2 & 1 ????

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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrity Bromances

  1. Seriously ? Seriously ??! You put Misha with Jensen and Jared ? Seriously ?
    He was not even there when they met ! They never spend time together unless it's for promo or during cons ! Seriously ?! I can't believe you did that !
    The real bromance is Jensen and Jared, PERIOD !

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