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Top 10 Digimon Villains

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Whenever our favorite digi-destined are trying to save the world, these evil viruses and scumbags are usually there to get in the way. For this list we’re looking at all digimon series, including the original digital Monsters, adventure, Tri, Savers, Tamers, Appli-Mon, Fusion, Xros, The Movie, and many more to find which of these dastardly digimon gave our heroes the most trouble. Will favorites like Piedmon, Ken Ichijou the Digimon Emperor, Lilithmon, Machindramon, Etemon, Cherubimon, Diaboromon, and more appear? Only one way to find out.

00:38 #10. Dr Kurata & Belphemon
01:19 #9. The D-Reaper
02:04 #8. Bagramon
02:49 #7. Black WarGreymon
03:28 #6. Devimon
04:16 #5. Lucemon
05:01 #4. Beelzemon
05:48 #3, #2, #1: ???

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33 thoughts on “Top 10 Digimon Villains

  1. I want to see a video about villain characters that had a demon form that then went on to become a hero with an angelic form. They have to have been a badguy even if a minor badguy that turned into a demon and then once beaten become a goodguy that later gets an angel like form that they use to save the day. I'm curious as to how many characters have had that happened to them.
    I have a feeling I know who would be number one, seeing as to how I only know of one character that started as a villain and had a demon form that then became a hero and gained an angelic form to save the world.
    Funny thing is she was the reason the world needed saving because back when she was evil this character became a demon and mind controlled a high school, started turning students into demons and planned on taking her army of the damned into another dimension to wage war against her motherly figure that just so happened to be a goddess-like immortal with control over the sun that kicked her out of her home when the girl disobeyed her orders so the girl basically planned to overthrow her motherly figure. This resulted in a chain reaction and any trouble that has come up since then is a direct result of the girl's evil plans that she now has to fix.

  2. Technically, the top villain really is milleniummon. He just has minimal appearance in season 1 and 2, despite being the cause of it. (only one flashback scene in season 2)
    That's a little too deep into the lore for a watchmojo list.

  3. It's San Francisco, the City, Frisco, hell, even the Sco. Do not, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, call it San Fran. That's the easiest way to get slapped out of the City and back to where ever the hell you came from.

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