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Top 10 Most Savage Simon Cowell Insults

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Top 10 Simon Cowell Insults
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48 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Savage Simon Cowell Insults

  1. its sad to see Simon Cowell change into something he's not. He began getting nicer over the past couple of years and I don't like it. it seems like he doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings I guess because nowadays people are very sensitive but I can be wrong

  2. I appreciate his honesty, it is the best thing for these contestants to hear even if it may sound bad he is only saying what everyone is thinking when they hear them sing. He has his job because he is honest and he has no issues with telling people what is really good and what is really bad. Everyone else tries too hard to be "nice" that they end up lying to these contestants causing them to believe that they are good when they clearly are not, he does not sugar coat anything. As far as his judging of appearance he knows that in order to make it these days you need the look and the talent or you need enough talent to make up for the lack of look.

  3. Simon is a classic narcissist. He's been around so long because he's great for ratings. However, if we're being objective here, he's actually saving these contestants from Further, Harsher heartbreak. If they cant take Simon's criticisms, they'll be suicidal when the rest of society, and internet trolls get to share their 2 cents….Simon is actually bringing them down easy in alot of ways

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