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Top 10 Weird Celebrity Moments of 2017

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2017 has been one weird ride, even more so for celebrities.
Find out which bizarre meltdown, crazy stunts and lurid scandals made the top 10 list for 2017 and along the way learn secrets behind the headlines stars don’t want you to know!
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28 thoughts on “Top 10 Weird Celebrity Moments of 2017

  1. The sweet satisfaction of being able to see Hollywood crumble before my eyes is very pleasing. Soon all the rats will be caught in the light and I am loving it every minute of it.

  2. These idiots super stars and celebrities with money are not Experts of Mind Control they're not good at mind control at all all they do is use their money and the necessity for others to have money to take advantage of people that's all nothing more

  3. I live in and have worked on the "inside" in Hollywood for years. Definitely a bizarre industry and I've chosen to leave it now that I'm fully awake. All of those celebrity "meltdowns" are demonic possession/alter programming glitches/MK Ultra breaks. Same thing is controlling them either way. Lucifer. They've all had to sell their souls to him in exchange for fame and fortune. The entire industry is demonic and riddled with occultism, so none of this comes as a surprise. Just wait for 2018, that's gonna be a doozy.

  4. #6 is alittle out of context but im certain what everyone believes Kaya said is in fact reality. I saw one of the interviews and it's my personal belief she with held alot of info.

  5. The year the has been celebrity "bravely" came out about a sexual assault that happened 20+ years before. No one mentions the 20 years of abuse others endured because of their SILENCE!

  6. Michael Jackson absolutely WAS murdered. Even taking any Illuminati connections out of the equation, a very basic and objective look at the situation will tell any person of reasonable intelligence that Jackson's doctor murdered him…even if only through negligence and ignorance. What the hell kind of DOCTOR performs CPR on a person who is laying in bed?! Having absolutely ZERO professional training, >I< know that a mattress is not firm enough to perform chest compressions! A DOCTOR should DEFINITELY know that! Even if we take any dark, malicious entities out of play, Michael Jackson's doctor is 100% responsible for his death.

  7. About Chris Cornell – I have looked into this. His wife and her mother were spending his hard-earned money that he put away into a charity for abused children. There is evidence that he did confront her about this prior to Detroit and it is interesting to note that the guy who was with him at that show in Michigan the night he died, is the same guy who is dating his mother in law. And this isn’t the first time this particular man has been known for a famous break up. I can’t remember his name at the moment, but he was responsible for seal and Heidi Klum’s break up. The other interesting thing to note is that Chris Cornell died at MGM Grand Hotel – the same company that runs mandalay Bay; the hotel implicated in the Las Vegas shooting.

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