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Top 10 Worst Things EA’s Ever Done

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Top 10 Worst Things EA’s Ever Done
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They just can’t seem to get anything right these days eh? Well, aside from the millions of dollars worth of profits and a large library of hugely successful franchises – some of which are no doubt in your games library right now BUT WHATEVER. They’ve still made quite a few booboos. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 EA Fails!

#10. “Dungeon Keeper” (2014)
#9. “Command & Conquer” Canceled
#8. Origin’s Customer Service
#7. SecuROM DRM in “Spore”
#6. Mismanagement of BioWare Montreal
#5. “Battlefield 4” Release (And More Lawsuits)
#4. Overworking Its Employees (And, Yes, Another Lawsuit)
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Things EA’s Ever Done

  1. What about the beloved Bobby Kodick (typed wrong on purpose) CEO of Activision? The guy who probably hate video games the most while being ECO of one of biggest gaming companies ? I don't understand why he is off radar since ever
    This guy said if he has one wish he will wish to remove fun from games, not money, not power, not a country to rule or anything like anyone ever did before, no his sole wish is to remove fun from games

  2. You say several times "ruined another franchise in the name of green," which makes you seem to completely fail to realize that the franchise itself was created in the name of green while admitting that the ruin of the franchise resulted in a loss of green. It should just say something like overextended or misused the franchise. They screw up often I'm sure. Easy to do with little competition.

  3. Why people's still mad at EA for battlefront 2 if they have shut down the microtransactions, lowed the amount of battlepoints necessary for purchasing heroes and gives free DLC ???
    Really i want to undestand

  4. The Dead Space series was the last GOOD IP under EA's license, and now it's gone because they killed Viseral Games. All justifiable respect that i still had for EA officially died along with Viseral Games and the Dead Space series.

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