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Top 15 Kenyan Celebrities who’ve DIED recently, Rest in Peace

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Top 15 Kenyan Celebrities who have DIED in the past one year

1. Businessman Jacob Juma, died on May 5th 2016, Assassinated
2. Politician Fidel Odinga, died on on June 4 2015, mysterious death
3. Kevin Rost of Tahidi High, died on August 10 2015, severe asthma attack
4. Blogger Nana Gichuru, died on September 22 2015, freak accident
5. Singer Diana Chelele, died on Jan 29th 2016, stabbed to death
6. Former First lady Lucy Kibaki, died on Apr 26th 2016, mysterious illness
7. Actress Nancy Sirengo, died on June 6th 2016, failed surgery
8. Former Minister Ole Ntimama, died on Sep 1st 2016, mysterious illness
9. Radio host Waweru Mburu, Sep 28th 2016, gastric cancer
10. Musician Achieng Abura, died on Oct 20th 2016, mysterious illness
11. Capital FM’s Grace Makosewe, died on Oct 25th 2016, drug overdose
12. Actress Maende Shikuku, died on Nov 4th 2016, severe ulcers
13. Homeboyz Radio’s Natani Nyaga, died on Nov 11th 2016, road accident
14. NTV host Janet Kanini Ikua, died on Apr 1st 2017, lung cancer
15. Comedian Emmanuel Makori Ayeiya, died on Apr 14th 2017, car accident


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  1. this is a great work guys… of all I sympathy Diana's death… so painful when one remembers how she died in a cold blood and her last words… 🙁 I wish we have to see every year the number of celebrities and high profile persons we lose… this will make us appreciate those we have today. thanks once again guys for this compilation that bring us to tears..

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