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Top 5 Coolest Things Started in Japan

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Top 5 Coolest Things Started in Japan

Japan is known to have some of the coolest inventions ever! Here are just some of the things started in Japan: Vending machines for everything, parking lots for bikes, full body umbrellas, capsule hotels and crazy-themed restaurants.

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32 thoughts on “Top 5 Coolest Things Started in Japan

  1. umbrellas are to shield from the sun rather than rain for me. walking in the rain is amazing and feels great!
    walking with the sun beating down on the other hand sucks and makes it not even worth going outside for a walk.

  2. Oh thank you for introducing my country! Yes, we have advanced especially since Tokyo Olympic 2020 was assigned. We try to make everything kinder to foreigners.
    You should visit us at any time. We have 4 seasons and amazing foods and sights are always here in each season!

  3. There are no dirty panty vending machines. This is a complete myth that caused such a moral panic that they were actually outlawed over 20 years ago even there is no evidence that ever existed in the first place.

  4. Standard umbrellas are better for hot or warm sunny days. The body umbrella is genius I don't give a shit how funny it looks. I don't wanna have to run to my car or house when it rains having a huge one lets you walk around and not get side swipe by wind/rain.

    Also, more vending machines less human interaction. But, that's my opinion I don't like dealing with people so i'm all for vending machines for everything. But, you can watch porn online so buying it out in the open. Well.. the commitment to the kink is real.

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