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Trump Is Fascinated By Tech That Allows Astronauts To Drink Own Pee

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The President called the International Space Station to congratulate astronaut Peggy Whitson and showed a keen interest in how fluids are recycled on board.

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23 thoughts on “Trump Is Fascinated By Tech That Allows Astronauts To Drink Own Pee

  1. I can't stand listening to that clown. every time I see orange Mussolini I fast forward and assume I can distill the missed content from the joke. It either is his ignorance, blatant ignorance or fucking ignorant cunt level ignorance spouted in a way only Drumpf can do; or as Bill Maher describes it as: whiny little bitch.

    Lets hope he gets his ass impeached before the wigged ham can do any real grown up damage to the real world. What a waste of oxygen…

  2. # Glden Oak this person tired ass but come for me for nothing.
    I have another one is call #Stefan Kurn
    he say to me this
    you can move to Africa together with Obama.

    I hate trump if you racist bitch i am not go back in Africa
    i am from Europe Amsterdam city and i can say whatever i want
    Like fuck you bitch.

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  4. US Congress logic:
    -600 billions for killing others humans? ok
    -25 billions to build a useless wall? ok
    -19 billions to study the infinite space? That's too expensive, try cutting the ISS for a start.

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