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TV Commercials That Were Pulled Off the Air Almost Immediately

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For advertisers going for that viral-TV-ad success, one of the easiest ways is to hit a controversial nerve. But it’s not always easy to court controversy without a backlash to go along with it. Here are some TV commercials that pushed the envelope way too far…

Pepsi | 0:17
Mountain Dew | 1:14
GoDaddy | 2:06
Motrin | 3:02
Snickers | 3:48
Popchips | 4:38
GM | 5:12
Sales Genie | 5:51

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48 thoughts on “TV Commercials That Were Pulled Off the Air Almost Immediately

  1. The pepsi ad was cringey but still should leave it up because of how popular it got. The only one I didn't like was the puppy one becuase I support adoptions not dogs being purchased. Though the rest..people are to sensitive about things.

  2. I don't understand how the puppy commercial was bad. They took the puppy to someone else's home right? Isn't that better than neglecting it if you don't want it? I'm confused

  3. Yet they still happily show commercials that negatively portray men as idiots and dolts. This is why I don't give two shits when other people get their panties in a twist.

  4. Oh God! Don't "Offend" Me!?!?! This is what happens when you give kids trophies for losing. These days, being "insulted" or "offended" is considered worse then being without food, water or shelter. Oh well… It's better to have first world problems, then real ones.

  5. I think the Pepsi's Lives Matter/Jenner commercial was a great success. I've never actually seen it but all these months later, people are still talking about it. Don Draper would be proud.

  6. Hold up, the Panda bears wanted to go to the zoo to visit grizzly bears? In this context, is like humans visiting other humans at the zoo. Why not other animal species that's less close to panda bears? That was more shocking to me than the accent.

  7. 90% of it was just upsetting women and gays …. i could not believe how you didnt show any back lash towards that matriarchal snikers add which was clearly nothing more then a cheap perv for sleezy women and teaching men about unobtainable body standards …. i need you to take the down at once im offended my feelings are hurt you must do as i say

  8. The Snickers commercial wasn't offensive at all. MadTv had a similar episode where two guys kiss, play it off, convince themselves that they're straight, and then go on. Where was the outcry from that "offensive" episode? People are so sensitive these days. The term "Snowflake" really does make sense when referring to you people.

  9. I find this commercials pulled video because it reminds me that everyone can mistakes. Its not the end of the world. You admit your mistakes , learn from your errors and try to do better.

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