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49 thoughts on “Tyrese Talks “Star”, Fatherhood & Dating

  1. Black rose or whatever that last album was will be my first and last album…let me take my money with my black skin, thick lips and coily hair elsewhere. If you have a disdain for people like me why should I support you?

  2. mmmmmm, I felt that
    my mom is always my EXAMPLE, then

    so, Tyrese,….why isn't your daughters mom the example for her to you? can she be placed on her own Pedestal?
    you married her mom, right.

    on the other hand, your present Wife can probably add to your daughters growth, but never is she to erase what the ATTRIBUTES birthed to her from UMBILICAL CORD from moment of conception.
    her MOM is LIFE

    man, that statement. woahhhhh

    & if I had a THIRD HAND, I see a father who have high expectations for his baby girl. so, he has a right to present the second best example in the midst of his daughters world

  3. I loved his openness. However, while it's great that he can afford all these material things, I also want to know whether is also investing and saving for long term. I hate seeing people spending to live extravagantly and then ending up broke towards the end of life. We see that with a lot of entertainers; who is hot today may not be hot tomorrow.

  4. This guy was so vocally homophobic just a few years ago, now he stars in lady gaga vids, works for lee Daniels etc. It feels weirdly opportunistic and disingenuous.

  5. First of all Transgender and Gay are two different things! For instance I am a Transgender Woman, I date straight men! they see me and see the woman I am. no gay man would even look my way.

  6. For those wondering abut his long time girlfriend…some chick named Maya. Theres only like 3 pictures of them together online. He calls her his arabic princess but to me she looks like a brown indian and she aint cute. She is educated and such..anyways peace out lol BTW for pics check lipstickalley or google tyrese and maya,

  7. O my God tyrese please buy me a house in Atlanta Georgia please thank you that house of yours is humongous I love it I be the house keeping for you

  8. Ladies, I feel so proud in saying this but I have my own Tyrese and gosh I cant wait to see him to give him a hug and never ending kiss. We need to learn to appreciate the person we have in our life and not afraid to show them to the world but still keep it private and protected. There is nothing sexier than a man who loves God, his kid/s, a family man, a committed man, a loving man, educated, well spoken, respectful, takes care of himself and loves you like there is no tomorrow. I am speaking about Tyrese, just in general. And I thank God for my hunny bunny! 😀

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