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Vic Mensa Battles DJ Akademiks and Things Get Heated | Everyday Struggle

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Watch the full episode here:

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Vic Mensa joined Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks where things quickly got heated between the rapper and Akademiks over the coverage of the Chicago rap scene.

You can watch the full episode here:

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20 thoughts on “Vic Mensa Battles DJ Akademiks and Things Get Heated | Everyday Struggle

  1. this dude Mensa sound stupid as fuck. all the points he makes is so stupid and kept rebutting with "it's so sick" and AK "sitting behind a computer and clowning" shut the fuck up and try to mature bro. At least AK brought that shit to the lime light. Vic my dude you grew up in Upper class Chicago in a private school bro go to sleep. And joe Budden you a mark ass bitch too for sucking Vics nut "oh you articulate yourself well" shut yo dumb asss up AK should've got up and walked away like your sorry ass in that Migos red carpet interview. peace

  2. all of u hating on joe really don't know joe.
    joe is real he's in it for himself ak is a big man he can look after himself.
    Ak handled it pretty well.

  3. hes a fucking pussy no wonder so many people in his hood kill each other if they are such pussies and cant talk about basic shit and just threaten and insult instead of actually saying what he did wrong. and no joe he didnt articulate himself well he basically just threatened him and said he would get assaulted if he went to chicago

  4. fuck Vic Mensa, that fuck boy look like a faggot ass nigga and trynna be tough, call people hoe…. nigga u look like a bitch… shut up man, I hate ya faggot ass niggas in the game man…. fuck u Vic mensa, u ain't no tough nigga

  5. a Bunche faggot ass nigga wanna be tough on other people show…. who da fuck is dat trash ass nigga is, there's no real rappers in Chicago… they are a Bunche fake ass niggas…. shut da fuck up vic, you are not a real nigga man…. nigga plz. u trash nigga and u are not tough and u look like a woman and u trynna be tough, this nigga look like he will sue akademics…. pussy ass nigga like Vic mensa

  6. How come that whole time, Akademiks didn't just apologize for being a dick? I don't get it. He brushed that shit off like it was nothing. Feels totally justified in what he did. Vic Mensa right, straight up hoe shit.

  7. first off Joe isnt fake hes real second vic is a hater and needs to stfu about people speaking there mind. If vic is so tough he should make akademics shut up himself.

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