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Vinod Khanna’s Exclusive interview with Rajeev Shukla

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Vinod Khanna’s Exclusive interview with Rajeev Shukla

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13 thoughts on “Vinod Khanna’s Exclusive interview with Rajeev Shukla

  1. Great greatest super greater personality and very very great greatest super greater actor. the super duper star vinod khanna saab. my most favorite actor vinod khanna saab. miss u miss u miss u. 2/5/2017

  2. Why all the interviewers were so annoying those day and did not even know what to ask and not to irritate😒 I love the way he answered all questions u VK❤️

  3. Vinod Khanna ji was really a gentleman politician & a good human being. He worked very hard for Gurdaspur & shall be missed by the people & BJP. Rajeev Shukla was as usual Congressi Chamcha par excellence & biased interviewer!

  4. this interviewer is a m********* bastard kongi…. he has this temerity and such discourteous style of asking questions and has a face making fun of the person in front… this mother f*** is married to the sister of Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad how our current Law Minister…thinks as if he only has the certificate of political attitude mindless idiot…very good that Congress is on life support now…

  5. What a wonderful treat to see this gentleman answering in such a tolerant, patient and courteous way! Vinod Khanna will always be an Indian legend. Rest in peace good soul … You will be missed.

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