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VIXX 101 (Life Journey)

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VIXX are not underrated, they are just underappreciated by those who don’t know them! Unlike artists who come from the 3 big companies (SM, JYP, YG) VIXX didn’t guarantee a stable fan base when they debuted! They had to start from the scratch, and there was no big idol group in their company to stick to them and get more famous! All they had were ballad singers. What the boys accomplished is extraordinary! Two of their mini albums are in the top 7 most sold mini albums in the history of Korean music. They top album charts, and they are one of the most established and respected musicians in the scene. Yes they don’t get hundred million views for their MVs, but since when this was the measurement for good artists. It’s just a measurement of immense popularity! VIXX may not be crazy famous but they are famous nonetheless. Their fan club has almost a quarter million members without counting the international fan base and the ones who are not enrolled in the fan club … BE PROUD OF VIXX, a group that made it entirely by their hard work and stayed modest to the very end 🙂


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