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We Need To Talk About Kim Jong-hyun, CDC “Banned Words” Controversy Explained, and More…

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Today’s video features the wrong picture for Kim about 11 seconds in. I apologize. The solo shot was supposed to be the same one we used of him in the thumbnail. Currently looking into how this happened so it doesn’t happen again.
That being said, we have a lot to talk about today, let’s get into it…
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Korean Pop Star Kim Jonghyun’s Death:

K-Pop Stars Pay Tribute to Kim Jonghyun After SHINee Singer’s Death


Miss Iraq & Israel Photo Controversy:

Charlottesville Update:


CDC Banned Words:


Washington Train Derailment:

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45 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About Kim Jong-hyun, CDC “Banned Words” Controversy Explained, and More…

  1. So…you're not allowed to ignore a clear and pressing issue, but you're also not allowed to talk about the issue or solutions thereto, or you're accused of politicizing a tragedy.

    Man, it's hard to be a leader and actually do your job. It's rare that I'll defend any politician, but shit. Apparently being too on-the-ball is as bad as pitching the ball to the next election cycle.

  2. I wasn't a fan of Shinee, but I always respected him for his talent of Song writing. I liked is solo works. He was always funny in the interviews. He did a great job SNL Korean. I should have appreciated him more. I will Miss him.

  3. My heart is absolutely shattered into piece right now.
    I'm hoping that there will be some /good/ that comes out of Jonghyun's passing. I hope that SK finally starts to learn that mental health and mental illness IS NOT A JOKE. Hell, even America still needs to learn this, even though we're getting slightly better about it.
    I'm grateful for the kpop discord communities especially today, as they have been a place for love and support all day. No matter what fandom we are in, we all show our support in times of tragedy. I just hope the world could love each other even when there's nothing bad happening.

  4. I thought I would stop crying about Jonghyun for today, but then I saw him in the thumbnail. I’m sorry your happiness was taken from you Jonghyun, I hope you can find it in the afterlife.

  5. I can recommend reading the Mortal Engines books.
    I have read them when I was little, and it was my intro into the steampunk genre. It managed to shape a somewhat believable future, keeping the reader enticed and dropping clues that the reader better understands than the actual characters

  6. Mortal Engines was a great book when I was younger and I could never remember what it was called lol it's really cool that they are making a movie, though I always imagined a more dark earth wasteland kind of vibe when I read it

  7. Re: jonghyun’s death — its hard for a lot of east asian countries to deal with depression or other mental health issues because of the culture of shame in a community-centered society. Not to sound pessimistic, but it is a hard issue that needs to be addressed top down

  8. This us a true story you can look it up. Am Trac had a new service from Minneapolis, MN to Duluth, MN for people to go skiing. They were set up for us to put our ski's on the train. I was on the first train to go to Duluth, the train started going backward for about an hour and half. Than it finally went forward, we were over 3 hours late because amtrac got lost! hahaha

  9. I live in DuPont, they have been working on those railroads for 11 months. The tracks were new, the bridge is the only thing that's old. The problem is that they wanted to shorten (mind you it was only a 10 minute difference) the distance by putting trains through terrain that they're not used to, the train had to take a sharp turn and was going too fast. (The rails had originally been for much slower moving freight trains).  The Mayor of Lakewood had said months prior to this incident that the amtrack thing was a bad idea cuz' it was putting trains going 80 mph through populated areas. 

    tl;dr: It wasn't the tracks, it was the fact that we put an 80 mph train somewhere we shouldn't have.

  10. Thank you for covering the story about Jonghyun. He meant a lot to many people (myself included) and I appreciate you mentioning and bringing attention to issues that may have been a contributing factor to his death.

  11. In his will, it said something along the lines of “just tell me I’ve done well, tell me you’re proud of me” and that made me break down cause he struggled with WANTING to stay alive so I won’t say “I want him to live” because it’ll probably torturing him

  12. I don't know why of all the videos regarding Jonghyun this one is trending? It's as if people require someone famous to commit suicide before addressing the issue which doesn't go away with trending topic videos.

  13. our jjong did get help, he really did try to do everything to get better. but in the end his depression and self-hate overtook him. I am so sad for him, but also happy. he is knowing peace now. he can rest. he has worked so hard in his life. please show support to shawols, shinee, and his family and friends.

  14. Mortal Engines was one of my favourite books as a young teen though it was a little mature for me to fully understand at 12, 100% worth reading. I just hope they don't fuck it up like they did His Dark Materials (the golden compass for anyone only familiar with the movie)

  15. im confused… the democrats are against infrastructure spending… isnt that what they usually bash the republicans for… not saying trump isnt using the situation but … what he is pushing is something that i believe republicans would hate and democrats would love…

  16. The banned words is weird. On the Science-based, it could make sense, cause the alternative basically shows you need to use other words. As if the word/phrase "Science-based" was being overused, and a policy was formed to elaborate…. then there are all the others that I can't see an appropriate alternative that just confuse me.

  17. That CDC is just fucking wow! This shit has gone too far! This type of bullshit is dragging us backwards not forwards!!!

    I'm sorry this didn't come from no where more like they where found out and are back tracking & there's no excuse for it even if it's just suggested.

  18. So Chester Bennington killed himself on July 20th and you spent about 4 seconds on it, one of the most iconic and most talented voices in rock history, and a kpop singer kills himself and you spend a fourth of the video on it… Ok?

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