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What’s The Story Behind Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment Scandal | What’s Trending Now!

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What’s The Story Behind The Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Scandal?

Harvey Weinstein, one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, has allegedly committed sexual assault on many women over his decades-long career. Rose McGowan and Hillary Clinton have already spoken out, and Lindsay Lohan has defended Weinstein on Instagram.

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23 thoughts on “What’s The Story Behind Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment Scandal | What’s Trending Now!

  1. My opinion is it will not matter. Money is the end all. People like M. Streep, who attack our wonderful President Trump, stand up screaming and shouting the praises of Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski et al, knowing full well they are sexual predators. Streep and many of the other Hollywood scum are communist/socialist anti democratic propagandists. We need to boycott Hollywood and clean the swamp.

  2. How much u wanna bet Bob Weinstein is also a pervert? Harvey is just the tip of the iceberg. Hollywood and our govt are both run by pedophiles! Even the Clintons, and likely Joe Biden are ALL PEDOPHILES! They have infiltrated all of the positions of power because they know the power enables them to get away with ANYTHING. These people literally never face any repercussions.I highly doubt it will change any time soon though I hope it does.

  3. On the bright side, with tech improvements, it's going to get riskier and riskier for guys to perv out on women — tiny recording devices can be everywhere! The audio from Harvey perving on the Italian girl – pathetic and devestating!

  4. All this hypocrisy of woman and human rights just prove that liberals chose and pick what they want to be hysterical on when they know what is happening under their noses all the time. Anyway, all their hideous crimes will be exposed and the hell hole will be blown wide open to their shame.

  5. None of this is surprising. It's been going on in Hellywood since it's sick beginnings in the early 20th Century. Nothing will happen to this guy, he will probably end up leaving the country and living it up in Europe like Roman Polanski.

  6. Every SINGLE person, male & female, who kept silent about Weinstein IS COMPLICIT IN THIS CRIME. This silent complicity is a major component of Hollywood's immorality and the evil that exits there, indeed; worse, however, is that this silence, and, in many cases, ACCEPTANCE or INDIFFERENCE, by those Weinstein affiliates shouts their total lack of moral framework. They scream at and condemn those who do not share their views. They pretend to be "gods." They flaunt their "ability" to "walk on water." In the final analysis, it is THEY who are incapable of relationships, incapable of self-worth, incapable of inner strength—they sold out a long time ago and are just as morally depraved as those whom now they condemn.

  7. It is doubley sad that female actresses are using this as an excuse to make a false equivalency between "badgering" and "drugging/raping". Grow up. Watch a shower? WTF?

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