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33 thoughts on “White Supremacist Cries After Realizing He Could Be Arrested

  1. He's obviously not a "well" person nor playing with a full emotional deck. I would get him some counseling instead of humiliating him further which is probably what caused this crap to begin with.

  2. CTG uses the term against fucking racists! Are y'all dumb?! It's fire with fire. Some of y'all may not agree, but these people (not all white people) need to realize what it feels like.

  3. why do you guys blame the republican for what the democrats have done? your the ones who are racist. hillary allowed a million africans to be slaughtered in the rwandan genocide and what about her relationship with robert byrd. ALL THESE SLAVE OWNERS WERE DEMOCRATS. LIBERALS ARE THE DEVIL

  4. Idiots the whole lot of you! 😂 Cantwell is a Democratic Plant strategically placed in interviews and among these protests to spark intreset and fuel a narrative, he will never see prison or charges and will fade away just like every other plant story now that the MSM has realized this race war they started has burned out!

  5. If a white person and a black person have a baby, the baby wil have more black features then white features. Our black gene's are way stronger. Thats why they call themself the "supreme race" they feel that they are weaker then us so thats something they say to make their self feel better.
    Our black gene's are way stronger then the white gene's. They are scared. They now we are coming.

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