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Who Has Had the Best Runs in Rap History? | Everyday Struggle

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On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks broke down some legendary runs in rap history and debated about who has had the best ever.

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21 thoughts on “Who Has Had the Best Runs in Rap History? | Everyday Struggle

  1. For me Pac's run is unbelievable. Just think about it. 1989 he was making political statements underground in Oakland trying to get on. 1990 he breaks through with Same Song and a back up dancer. 1991 2Pacalypse Now shows the start of his real message to music. 1992 Juice showed his strength as an actor. 1993 S4MNz shows his growth and crossover appeal and his image blew up with Poetic Justice. 1994 Thug Life album showed his mission and execution while still staying true with Above The Rim to the streets. 1995 first artist with an album No. 1 behind bars Me Against The World with immaculate growth that just shows how much he could vent during all of his trials and tribulations. 1995-1996 showed him top of the line, unreal perfection of the craft and abundant hustle with so much substance that just continues to resonate today all while filming about 4 movies simultaneously. Truly unbelievable. That's the best growth and run ever.

  2. They forgot to mention one key point to a run and that's consistent longevity. 50 had a 4 year run and while it was extraordinary it was brief. Same with Ja Rule, Nelly, Luda. Hov and Ye don't qualify bc there's been points where they weren't on top, just to come back with a single or album( after a period of time) and be on top again. Kinda like them having separate runs. So that leaves Em, Wayne and Drake for longest run. Em capped at 8 years('99-'07)and Wayne had ('06-'12) on lock, and it only came to an end bc of contract and label disputes. Drake('09-current) is still going and he's going to hit 9 years. That's unheard of

  3. The most impactful and significant run, transcending beyond Hip Hop, no matter how short it was, was by Public Enemy. Public Enemy's run was a revolutionary movement, fighting for rights and equality against the government and european terrorists (who are misrepresented as white supremacist because they are not supreme and not to be looked up to). Also, fighting to clean up the black community. Identifying the predators and bashing their brains in, and not depending on the oppressive police whose main goal is protecting the european terrorists. Denouncing drug dealing and abuse, and reintroducting black people to their true African identities which therefore spawned the back to Africa era in Hip Hop. These brothers were so much of a threat with a powerful black image that the european terrorists had to eliminate their minister of information Professor Griff from the group and replace the group in mainstream media with the self degrading, self destructive group, who accepted themselves and got other blacks, including you reading this, to accept yourself as the scum of the earth, a nigga with an attitude. That's a whole different story. Anyhow, the rappers that were mentioned in this video do not come close and are miles away to Public Enemy's impact during the group's run.

  4. Joe is statin straight facts !! 50 had the best run in the history of hip hop ! Plus ALL of his artists went platinum at one point !! And he a huge influence on most artist today !!! AND He had a movie out AND signature video game AND top clothing .

  5. It's been a lot of good runs in hip hop, from Jay's rise, Kanye's rise, Wayne's rise, Eminems rise. It's been a lot. But I remember Ross rise the most, because I could relate to his music and still do. Salute all of them for the culture!

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