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Why Katy Perry Could Be Headed For A Meltdown

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Katy Perry may have been joking when she said she “hadn’t shaved her head yet” in reference to Britney Spears’ 2007 breakdown, but those close to her have started to worry that she may not be far off from her own meltdown. From shearing off her infamous locks to enduring yet another heartbreaking romantic split to her even more outrageous ensembles of late, Katy Perry’s recent behaviors have had people worrying about her, and here’s why…

Split personalities | 0:28
Tough childhood | 1:17
A critical miss | 3:27
Matters of the heart | 4:12
Serious struggles | 6:07

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38 thoughts on “Why Katy Perry Could Be Headed For A Meltdown

  1. its all her fault if she hadn't invited the Demons Inside of her Soul and join the Illuminati none of this would have happened she'll have to answer to God for what she done

  2. This is the reason why I feel bad for celebrities. Imagine going on Youtube and seeing people scrutinize your behavior in videos like this. Who wouldn't have a meltdown in that situation? They are human beings with real feelings which can be hurt. Where's the compassion?

  3. Katy needs to get rid of her parents.

    Trust me, just because they are your parents does not mean you are here to put up with their abuse. You are your own person. Fuck them.

  4. Since the majority of people are straight, her support has taken a dive, thanks to her admitted venture into being a lesbian. Makes me wonder if those different guys that have been boyfriends are just a bit gay, so her love life has that weird side to it. If you're straight, like me, supporting Kathryn Hudson, or Katy Perry, would be delusional. Like I said majority is having a conflict with that minority group. She really needs to establish a boundary, either one side or the other. Don't try playing both teams at the same time. There are no winners at that game. Those millions of dollars she has access to could be contributing to her downfall, which is playing out for us all to see, or witness.

  5. Give her a break! She achieved more than most of us! That's why you now talking about her, and not talking about anyone involved in this stupid video! Katheryn Hudson is cool! This video is milking her success!

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