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Why We Don’t Hear From Robin Thicke Anymore

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Robin Thicke was on top of the world in 2013. Thanks to the popularity of “Blurred Lines,” his falsetto tones were filling the airwaves, and his name and face were all over the news feeds. But all that extra attention would ultimately prove to be his downfall, costing him his reputation and his marriage. Nowadays, he’s little more than a blip on the pop culture radar, so let’s take a look at what happened to make Robin Thicke disappear from the spotlight…

That VMAs performance | 0:25
Breaking up is hard to do | 1:22
A public custody battle | 2:18
Legal dilemma | 3:00
Time off | 3:53

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27 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Hear From Robin Thicke Anymore

  1. I never liked him, hated that stupid song "Blurred Lines", plays the blame game and the victim with Paula and Pharrell and I feel for him since losing his father, but he needs to get help with his drinking and move on. I don't blame his wife for divorcing him.

  2. Cheating in school on a stupid test can get you in big trouble. Cheating on your spouse should be no different. He got what he had coming just as all cheaters should!

  3. The most untalented generation of entertainers, because they are not musicians, weve had since the 80s! When the biggest stars are pop women there is no talent in the pool!! Just hope for another Guns and Roses or Nirvana to come along soon!!

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